Thursday, January 18, 2018

Busy Beauty Showerless Shave Gel HONEST Review #BusyBeauty

Check out this super old post about my hairy legs when I was huge and pregnant. I sure wish I had Busy Beauty Showerless Shave Gel back then. I could have shaved my legs while sitting on the couch nursing a baby to sleep. Talk about being a Rock Star Mom.

Okay, so I got this product in the mail and waited for my leg hair to grow. It was August, so I needed shaved legs for the shorts and bathing suits that were constantly on my person. I grabbed a razor and the bottle and went down to our family room to watch some TV and shave my legs.

It was the easiest thing I have probably ever done. Pump out some of the gel, rub it on your legs like lotion, and shave. Then rub in the gel because it's moisturizing. A couple of things.

1. Something I hate about shaving in the tub or shower is that, afterward, I have to sit around putting lotion on my legs. It's just one. more. step. I don't have a ton of time for that. This shaves you and moisturizes you LIKE IT RESPECTS YOUR TIME. Yes. Finally.

2. My razor got backed up with hair, so I recommend having a cup of water nearby just to dip it in. Also, put a towel under your legs. If you are on an airplane, for instance, and want to shave your legs with just this product and a razor, you can, but if you are at home I'm telling you to have two extra things on hand ... the towel and the water.

Bottom line: I dig this time saver. It's mind-blowing to think you can do this ANYWHERE. I sure could have used this when the kids were little and I had to keep an eye on them EVERY SECOND ... I could have chased around after them WHILE shaving my legs, no joke. Shave and sit. Shave and sit. Very cool to have this option.

PS This product is also TSA-approved for travel and environmentally conscious. Great for those with sensitive skin and those with mobility issues.

*I received this product for free to post an honest review. Also, if you order through my Amazon affiliate link, I might get a few cents. Just letting you know :-)

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