Friday, August 7, 2009

Extra Weight Quotes

I read this book called “True Mom Confessions: Real Moms Get Real” and it’s helped me with some of my judgmental attitudes. Over the next few days I’ll throw you some quotes from the book. There’s also a web site you can check out. Here ya go:

“I secretly think I am beautiful. I have not lost the 25 pounds of pregnancy weight, but I put on my clothes over my curves, look in the mirror before leaving in the morning, and think I am stunningly gorgeous, tossing away any idea of losing weight. Then I get to the park and see all the skinny yuppie and hipster mothers and instantly feel fat. I wish I could hold on to that morning moment all the time.”


“I’m overweight. My stomach is covered with stretch marks and is saggy and squishy from recent weight loss. My boobs are saggy. My hips are disproportionately large. My thighs jiggle. My underarms wave way after I stop. And despite all this, I love my body and can’t understand why everyone always wants me to change it!”


“I am fat and glorious. I won’t let anyone tell me otherwise on either account. I make it all happen around here and I do it with style. My big ass is good at everything I need to do. That’s all I’m saying.”

This is totally how I feel at times (although I don’t call myself fat). I feel hot driving my minivan around with all those kids in the back that I gave birth to and nursed. Still, of course I’ll try to lose weight after the next baby comes because the less I weigh, the more energy I have to do stuff with my family. I think if I wasn’t married, though, I’d just leave my body alone and be extra curvy and enjoy my salads along with my cookie dough and my hiking along with my loafing.


  1. The Coast Guard expects me to be 189 lbs this fall, so I found this quote:
    My big ass is good at everything I need to do. That’s all I’m saying.”

    To be frightfully funny and maybe that's what I'll tell them! I have 38 personal awards and numerous citations to back it up! Alex J

  2. John Matthew ... strange? how so? because not every woman wants to weigh 95 pounds or b/c you are a guy and the standards are different for you?


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