Monday, July 6, 2009

Stripping Wallpaper

To the person who put up wallpaper over wallpaper all over my house:

I hate you. You are lazy. I am 6 months pregnant with 4 children to care for plus sometimes even more than that and yet SOMEHOW I am cleaning up your ugly mess. For 2 summers now I have sprayed water and vinegar on walls to get off layers of wallpaper. Right now I’m doing the main bathroom (hint: wallpaper in the bathroom is never a good idea).

We also have to rip off the nasty beige BathFitter-type crap you put up over the shower tile because you were too lazy to redo the tile. We probably get to redo the tile. Luckily, I only have 4 more rooms in my house to do this with. Then we will paint over nice clean walls so future residents can do whatever they want to without wasting all THEIR time stripping wallpaper first. I could be a total Lazy Ass and just paint over wallpaper layers, but I believe in karma. I know you will get yours.

When we look for a new house, it will either be decorated the way we like it already (not in Laura Ashley style, for instance), or the walls will be painted over ZERO wallpaper.

Peace and Light,

Kerrie McLoughlin

P.S. When Aron came home to find me stripping wallpaper, he joined in chanting, “Death to all flowered wallpaper.” I agree.


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