Saturday, July 4, 2009

Women Who Drink While Pregnant (Not!)

Aron really missed his calling as a photographer. He posed me this way as I drove us to Branson. Don't worry, I hate beeer.

This is a picture of all the kids in the back ... makes your biological clock tick, doesn't it, ladies? Or it at least has to make you want to run out to an adoption center and grab you some kids!

Here's the result of those pushers at Motherhood Maternity. My step-mom got me some shorts at the MM store at the outlet mall and part of the goodie bag was a bottle. I think we've owned maybe 2 bottles ever. So of course Eva loved it and hit that bottle hard.

Happy 4th of July. Try not to blow any of your fingers off.


  1. Kerrie!

    What is the music playing- that first song?

    Your kids are ADORABLE...

    LOVE the pictures!

    My little AVA wants to hang out with your Eva sometime soon! lol

    Do you still have my #?

    Have a HAPPY 4th!! =)

  2. Great picture. Looks like your family knows how to have fun. Thanks for visting Branson. We hope you plan to come back soon. Visit our website for great rates on our condos in the heart of Branson and lodges on Table Rock Lake, only one mile from Silver Dollar City.

  3. Actually they just reinforce how happy I am to be moving to the next stage of motherhood! Happy for you, though. They are a cute bunch of kiddos!


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