Friday, June 26, 2009

Recycling Difficulties

If recycling is so cool right now and we’re all so concerned about the planet, why is it so hard to recycle?

For instance, why are food manufacturers using plastics other than numbers 1 or 2? My city won’t recycle anything other than those 2 numbers, so I’m always either reusing or throwing away the higher numbers of plastics.

Where the heck do you recycle phone books?

Why does it often cost money to recycle our computer monitors? And people throw away perfectly fine “hard drives” from their computers because they’re worried about security when all they have to do is remove the old hard drive with all the information and donate the rest.

Why does the EPA say it’s okay for individuals to pitch lead-containing computer monitors, etc. but companies and school districts throwing away, say, 20 monitors can get in big trouble?

And why are we still using Styrofoam if it doesn’t recycle at all?

When we do a lemonade stand, I figure the lesser of the evils is to use paper cups. When I had to take plates on our family vacation for everyone, I got uncoated paper ones.

Is it just because I’m in the Midwest that things are so backwards? Does your city recycle the higher numbers of plastics?


  1. Hey, Kerrie. Here's what I do. Get an X-acto knife and cut the phone books. Then recycle the loose pages. It's no longer a "phone book" then, because I've thrown out the cover. :]

    I agree with you on the 1 and 2 recycling. Crazy.

    What we do is take a BIG trash can and set it inside the recycle bin. Then we can fit all our recyclables in there. They wouldn't fit otherwise. I think we recycle almost as much as we throw away.

  2. Deffenbaugh recycles all plastics #1-7. And telephone books. Who do you go through???

  3. right on, Eva! i had on idea, probably because i always throw away inserts in my bills. i called deffenbaugh and they said they just started this year and the guy had no clue if they sent anything out about it or if we were just supposed to be psychic. how did you know? probably b/c you are living in 2009 with the internet in your house! thanks!!!!

  4. We recycle every plastic here. As far as I know. We don't even sort, we just have a big trash like we do for regular trash. I would like to se easier ways to recycle. We paid $10 to recycle a old computer someone left behind. The closest place to recycle a cfl light bulb is almost a hour drive. So that means that 98% of people here in AZ are just throwing these things out.


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