Saturday, June 27, 2009

My New Crock Pot

Yes, I’m the kind of woman who asks for a Crock Pot for her birthday instead of diamonds or clothes or a trip to the spa. Do you know why?

Because a Crock Pot is the ultimate in laid-back cooking (shameless plug for my laid-back parenting e-book, only 2 bucks, see left side of blog). And I don’t love to cook. But I’m cheap and don’t love to order out, either.

I throw in some pork chops with cream of chicken soup, some green beans and some potatoes and turn the thing on. I can leave the house. I can do whatever I want all day long (picture me soaking in a bubble bath all day long … yeah, right).

Then dinner’s ready by 6 whether or not the baby has been sleeping on me for the last 2 hours or whether we’ve been at the pool or homeschooling later in the day.

This is so domestic of me, but I’m asking for your favorite Crock Pot recipe. Share it in the Comments or send me an email at


  1. I read a blog all of last year where a woman cooked in her crockpot every day for a year. She had both hits amd's still up,

  2. yipes. this scares me. i'm afraid to make a cake in a crockpot. also, my husband's not quite a fan of the crock. but he deals with it!

  3. I would use a crockpot more but I just don't know what to cook in it. If you could share the recipes you find, that would be great!

  4. Put in some chicken breast (frozen or thawed). Top with some onion, green pepper, and a little salsa. Cook for 4-6 hours. Serve up in tortillas with whatever sides sound good. If you are feeling adventourous make some rice and put rice in the tortillas - YUMMY

  5. I pre-bought a food processor for my birthday. I got a kitchen aid mixer a few years ago. I love that kind of stuff. Jewelry is kinda fun but mostly a useless waste of money. Were kitchen stuff can make life so much easier.


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