Saturday, April 4, 2009

“The Laid-Back Mom’s Parenting Guidebook” E-book Excerpt

Someday I'll get the whole e-book overhauled so you can order it without me getting sued. Should be available by the weekend. Thanks for being patient with me! In the meantime, here's a tiny teaser ...

From the section called Laid-Back Pregnancy:

This frustrates me to no end. I’m too lazy to keep track of what kind of seafood I am “allowed” to eat so I don’t end up with a 4-headed baby. If I were smart instead of laid-back, I wouldn’t eat ANY fish, seeing as how our oceans and rivers are used as toxic waste dumps more often than we will ever know. But I’ve enjoyed shrimp, canned tuna, salmon and assorted other ocean fish during every one of my 4 pregnancies, and my kids seem okay … so far.


  1. LOL Too cute! I ate most seafood too, except salmon. Sigh. Boy did I miss salmon when I was pregnant.

  2. I had my children in the 1960s and it would curl your hair and your toes as to what I ate and drank.

    Have A Spectacular Saturday
    From Roberta Anne
    "The Raggedy Girl"

  3. I think children that sit still while wearing zany goggles are much better off than ones that don't.

    Whatever that means.

    Eat (wild) salmon. The oils in it are sooooo good for you.


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