Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Reality TV

Some people don’t understand the appeal of reality TV shows. There are some that disgust me because you can tell they are edited only to make the “stars” look stupid.

I watch The Bachelor because I love love and they got it right ONCE (Trista and Ryan). I am aware that I am living my own reality love story. But when he is snoring in bed and the kids are all asleep, I like to watch some TV. Although I may be off The Bachelor for good after this stupid season.

I watch The Amazing Race because I want to travel, but it isn’t in the cards right now.

I watch Flipping Out and Million-Dollar Listing because I learn about the real estate market (and how many realtors pronounce it REAL-A-TOR).

I watched Ashley Paige Bikini or Bust because it was cool to see the business side of fashion and to watch this chick try to get her ideas up and running.

I watch Jon and Kate + 8 because they give me discipline ideas and make my life seem like a piece of cake.

I watch Celebrity Apprentice because it helps me remember my working days and appreciate that I’m not still there!

I watch The Biggest Loser because I struggle with my weight.

I watch because I like to unwind that way. Because yes, I live in reality ALL DAY LONG. The reality of 4 kids plus sometimes their friends. The reality of cooking, cleaning, writing, errands, phone calls, plans, homeschooling, mail, bills, gassing up the van, having people over, going places, picking up after my Tornado Toddler, enduring screaming tantrums by my 4-year-old, wondering if there’s anything I should be doing to entertain my younger son who is all introverted, making social plans for my social older son, doing laundry, and 100 other things I won’t bore you with now.

I don’t drink. I don’t smoke. I don’t do drugs. I indulge in the occasional chocolate. Exercise is almost impossible sometimes. So I watch TV. Rarely, but I do watch. I prefer shows like Madmen (I’m a retro gal), Rescue Me (guys crack me up) and Family Guy (I’m a naughty little kid at heart).

I watch when I can’t sleep (my mom and I are like technological dinosaurs … she should have Tivo but she tapes for me and I appreciate her “sacrifice”!!!), when the baby is napping on me and the kids are playing in their rooms. I don’t sit around on my butt all day watching TV, trust me (sometimes I STAND in front of the TV … haha)!


  1. Kerrie:

    I loved your post. I like TV. I like having the noise of it even if I am doing something else. I love lots of different shows and I love reality shows especially if they sing, dance or have to do stunts that I would never be able to do.

    Have a Wonderful Wednesday.
    from Roberta Anne

  2. I totally love reality TV, probably more than regular Tv. I am also a "Biggest Loser" fan...was so mad lastn night. I always cry! I also just started watching "Amazing Race"...I watch "Dancing with the Stars" watching how uncoordinated some of these stars are....always have to do "Survivor"...Love Celebrity Apprentice...nothing like a big time star getting "fired". LOL Sometimes "Wife SWap"..could NEVER do that, I would kill a husband or two. I think the only time I DO watch TV is on the days that one of these shows are on. I do hate that alot of people assume that because we are stay at home moms we eat bon bons all day and watch soaps. If THAT was the case, and I did that, then I would manage to be able to use the bathroom in private...just once!

  3. Rescue me is a great show!
    I never watch TV when the show is on. I DVR everything.
    I do a marathon watch on the weekends. It's great!

  4. alerting you to a typo:
    "I watch The Bachelor because I love love and they got it right ONCE"


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