Thursday, March 19, 2009

Please Buy My 2-Buck E-Book

It’s finally here … the fabulous First Edition of my 2-buck e-book called “The Lazy Mom’s Guide to Life: A Relaxed Approach to Parenting.” If you’re looking for an actual parenting guide such as Dr. Spock or Dr. Sears would write, you are out of luck, friends. If you are looking for a few laughs, you got ’em.

Look, in this economy I’m not gonna take all your money. I worked hard on this thing, but not hard enough to send it to a publisher. I think 2 bucks is a reasonable price for this 32-page humorous e-book which has gotten rave reviews from the 2 people who have bought it.

If you love it, tell your friends (if you are a fellow bloggy-type person, you could do an e-book review or I’d be happy to do an interview with you!). If you hate it, all I ask is that you keep quiet. Just kidding … I’m a sucker for some good criticism.

Here’s the link or you can click on the picture to the left. Thanks in advance for your support of my fledgling writing career!


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