Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A Great Playdate

There’s just something about a great playdate that makes the world seem rosier.

Recently I went to the house of a friend for the first time. We knew each other through homeschool groups, and she’d been to my house years ago. We’d talked on the phone and on Facebook.

I almost didn’t go because I got a migraine on the way over (spots that prevented me from seeing the street signs … it’s a wonder I even found her house). But I plowed on … for the sake of the “socialization” of my homeschooled kids.

Once there, I dug through my monster diaper bag for some Advil and came up empty. My friend gave me not only Advil, but also some Coke (I need the caffeine for the migraine) and she had ordered pizza for us and the kids. We left after 2 hours, which Joel hated because he was having fun. Even Callie was warming up, but Michael was stuck to me the whole time, and the baby was getting tired. I didn’t want to overstay my welcome, but usually we’ll stay all afternoon on a playdate if everyone’s hitting it off.

Anyway, they are transportation-challenged currently, so we made plans for her 3 oldest kids to get to my house one day the following week to play for the WHOLE AFTERNOON. My friend would get hours to herself with only her 3-year-old to care for while I would get friends for MY kids. Everyone is happy.

Now I envision the future: we will be best friends. Our kids will be best friends. She won’t go all Catholic-psycho on me like 2 other women have in that homeschool group. She likes Harry Potter, so already we have that naughty secret. I see them coming over for cookouts and picture our husbands having a beer and laughing heartily over Obama’s latest antics.

A friend for me who does not have a homeschool schedule or keep an immaculate home! Friends for my kids! A potential friend for my husband! I am giddy!


  1. Sounds like a great time. It's always nice to make those good connections with people.

  2. I'm jealous-just kidding.

  3. Gee, would that happen to be ME who went all "Catholic psycho" on you? I I am WATCHING you! YOU are treading on thin ice sister.

  4. OK I am "anonymous" I LOVE messing with you-but I suppose that is mean to do to a pregnant lady-ha! I confess-it was ME!

  5. Damn! And I just noticed a typo on that comment too! Grrrr.

  6. HAHAHAHA...Smoosh is hilarious!

  7. You get those vision block-out migranes, too? My boss doesn't believe me that I truly can't see what I'm trying to focus on. But thankfully mine don't come with the headaches.


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