Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Old Picture Tuesday … Prom

This was taken in my backyard right before my Junior Prom, the only one I attended. I wish Rachel Zoe had been around then to be my personal stylist. She would’ve told me that dress was not very flattering on my body. It had a big white bow that covered my chest that I ripped off. I think I should’ve left it on!

My date picked me up (along with his friend and his friend’s date, a flippin’ FRESHMAN) and we went to Fedora on the Country Club Plaza. I immediately lost one of my Lee press-on nails at dinner. We hit the dance (in our school gym) for maybe 30 minutes, then met a bunch of people back at my date’s house to just hang out. Nothing exciting at all, believe me. I wasn’t drunk and I was home by midnight.

As for Senior Prom, I bought 2 tickets, a gorgeous white-with-diamond-accents dress and was going to take my 21-year-old boyfriend, but he never intended to go in the first place and chose to work that night instead (a waiter at Bennigan’s). Once I figured this out, I started calling every guy I knew looking for SOMEONE to take me. And yes, I called Paul, who already had TWO dates to something else the same night (mimbo!). That night I ended up going dancing at the Varsity Club, an under-21 dance club, and that was about it. I liked driving around by myself in my 1978 yellow Chevette a lot back in those days. I was home at an extremely respectable hour.

Does the word PROM strike fear and bad memories in your heart or was it one of the best nights of your life?


  1. It was kind of boring the activities my school had planned for after was more fun then the prom itself

  2. Ahhh prom. I went to prom four times, only once with my boyfriend. That was a very boring night, since I wasn't a Jr or Sr. I couldn't play the games and win at the after prom party, so I sat beside him while he played poker for 5 hours then all he won was some pillows which he left in the back of his truck that night and they got rained on. But if you think that one sucked, ask me sometime about my friend's father dying in a car wreck on prom night and we saw the police and ambulance knew it was him. And just an hour earlier we had been sitting watching a movie at after prom together. That moment is surreal for me, right before all of our worlds turned upside down. I did have a blast on prom committee my Jr year. I found this poem that was our theme. I've always wanted to find an opportunity to use it in real life, but never did. The sweetest flower that blows, I give you as we part, for you it is a rose, for me it is my heart. - Author unknown.

  3. I think your dress was lovely. I don't have great memories of the one and only prom I attended. They were not the big deal they are now. I think being a teen was not my thing and have always liked being a grown-up better. Thanks for sharing you prom memories, it really made me smile.

    Have a Terrific Tuesday
    from Roberta Anne

  4. Damn! You look HOT! YOWZA!

  5. Prom!! LOL....junior prom was good....I went with Rollie that year. Then my senior year James took me. They were both good times...not exciting, but good :-) I think that the words "Varisty Club" strike more fear into me than "prom" LOL!!

  6. I can't stop looking at this photo you are SO FREAKING HOT! What I wouldn't give to have THIS Chick serve me a burger and fries at WAIDS!DAMN!


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