Friday, March 6, 2009

Recent Purchase: Diaper Bag

Ah, How I love you. I’m not usually a shopper in general (especially at full price), and especially not on the Internet because I like to try it before I buy it, but now I am a believer. A few weeks ago my red-headed sister-in-law (and ex-roommate, God help her) came into town. She had a cool bag from Lands End, but it wasn’t big enough for my needs for a diaper bag.

Remember I cloth diaper, so I have to fit a few of those thick suckers in a bag, plus wipes, medicine bag, butt cream, baggies for dirty diapers, wallet, gum, suckers, chapsticks and lip glosses, plus Post-its, pens, chocolate, Advil, a spiral notebook, a magazine or two, extra clothes for Eva and about 10 other things I’m forgetting. I’m a just-in-case gal, especially since I have little kids. It drives Aron NUTTY that I end up with a 10-pound diaper bag (and that’s on a light day!). Usually, I end up not carrying it for long; it has a spot of honor in the front seat of the double stroller most times so I can easily get to anything I need.

Sooo, my SIL and I go online and I order a bigger version with a zipper (and BOY, is it big!) in brown and orange (not my first choice, but retro enough to make me happy). Oh, and I got my name put on it! So now when I’m out brand-new stalkers will know my name! I kinda wish they had a size in between Medium and Humongous, but I’ll take what I can get. Can’t send it back now!

I know what my dad will say when he sees it: “Wow, my mail satchel was smaller and lighter than that and I had to carry it for 30 years.”

Aron says he could drive his truck into the new diaper bag.


  1. Cute story and I especially loved your go to town list.

    Have A Really Fun Friday
    from Roberta Anne

  2. wow yep thats definetly big. but the picture is so cute!

  3. You can never have too many purses or too big a diaper bag.



  4. I had a HUGE diaper bag too! I was never without what I needed so it is totally worth it. Love the colors.

  5. That is one UGLY ASS BAG! Why don't you put hay in it and put it around a horses neck!?

  6. why is Michael holding a shoe? Was that your "gift with purchase" when you bought the bag?

  7. Isn't it funny how they can make fun of our purse, diaper-bag, or what ever it is we want to call it. But when out and about, and they need something, who is the first one they ask because they know we'll come thru, "Mom". And who said being a Mom isn't a full time job?!?
    Take care! ;0)

  8. I have a Lands End bag too and I love it! I use it for EVERYTHING!

  9. That's a big bag, and those are some cute kids!
    My mom doesn't really carry a diaper bag. We just kind of chuck some spare diapers and a Ziploc with some wipes in the back seat of the car...
    Hope all's well with you!

  10. I ordered the elephant size bag from Land's End, too, but just had our last name put on it "Darling"...we used it for our emergency bag when we were done. We could fit everything in but the sleeping bags!Ü


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