Friday, March 6, 2009

Recent Purchase: Diaper Bag

Ah, How I love you. I’m not usually a shopper in general (especially at full price), and especially not on the Internet because I like to try it before I buy it, but now I am a believer. A few weeks ago my red-headed sister-in-law (and ex-roommate, God help her) came into town. She had a cool bag from Lands End, but it wasn’t big enough for my needs for a diaper bag.

Remember I cloth diaper, so I have to fit a few of those thick suckers in a bag, plus wipes, medicine bag, butt cream, baggies for dirty diapers, wallet, gum, suckers, chapsticks and lip glosses, plus Post-its, pens, chocolate, Advil, a spiral notebook, a magazine or two, extra clothes for Eva and about 10 other things I’m forgetting. I’m a just-in-case gal, especially since I have little kids. It drives Aron NUTTY that I end up with a 10-pound diaper bag (and that’s on a light day!). Usually, I end up not carrying it for long; it has a spot of honor in the front seat of the double stroller most times so I can easily get to anything I need.

Sooo, my SIL and I go online and I order a bigger version with a zipper (and BOY, is it big!) in brown and orange (not my first choice, but retro enough to make me happy). Oh, and I got my name put on it! So now when I’m out brand-new stalkers will know my name! I kinda wish they had a size in between Medium and Humongous, but I’ll take what I can get. Can’t send it back now!

I know what my dad will say when he sees it: “Wow, my mail satchel was smaller and lighter than that and I had to carry it for 30 years.”

Aron says he could drive his truck into the new diaper bag.