Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Movie Review: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

I keep forgetting to do this review, so I’m just gonna slap it together and make it half-assed as only I can do (although I do include links to a rockin' review and also some trailers). Sorry, and you’re welcome.

I compare this THREE-HOUR epic (a sorely overused word, but it fits here) to Forest Gump. Only the female lead (Daisy in Benjamin Button) turns out to totally come through in the end and proves to be a strong woman.

Everyone thought I wanted to see this movie so I could check out Brad Pitt, but he’s not really my speed (although he’d be the ideal person to hook up with since he clearly loves children!).

You gotta love an original idea (based on a SHORT story by F. Scott Fitzgerald), when there are so many crappy movies out there these days. A guy aging BACKWARDS? Don't get me started.

I recommend it to chicks especially. Here’s a better review and some trailers.

Bottom line: I give this movie 8 ½ Dove chocolate hearts. For me, it was a 4-Kleenex movie as well.