Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Mini Massage

I have a business idea. The franchise stores would be called Mini Massage and would feature little kids giving 5-minute massages.

1. There would be background check to weed out perverts.

2. The massaging would occur over clothing.

3. The cost would be $20.

4. The stores would somehow comply with child labor laws.

Before you think I’m sick and crazy, have you ever had a sweet little kid give you a “massage” or put suntan lotion on your back? It is the best thing in the world. Their tiny hands barely touching you, and they are so sweet about it and so sure they are being helpful.

When’s the last time you had a normal massage, like at a paid place? Mine was a year ago, and I always have that pesky big-breast problem. Never mind the cutout for my FACE on the table (or some places even have tables with cut-outs for pregnant bellies); they need to make tables with breast cut-outs.