Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I like to dole out vitamins to my family and myself.

The kids are easy because they have those gummy vitamins. When we can afford it, I get them each their own bottle (Princess, Spiderman and Cars).

I give Aron a one-a-day vitamin, but they were out of the men-specific formula, so I also supplement him with either a fish oil capsule or a magnesium for his heart (his dad had a heart attack a couple of years ago, so that’s one more thing to worry about with Aron). If he’s been late to work a lot, I give him a B-12 vitamin, hoping he’ll sleep well and hop out of bed on time in the mornings.

I’m trickier. I always take a prenatal vitamin because I’m always either pregnant or nursing (going on 8 years). I also take a flaxseed oil capsule. If I remember and I’ve eaten enough to be able to keep it down (I’m such a waif!), I try to take magnesium (I have my own heart issues), B-12 and a B Super Complex. I’m working on not depending so much on coffee for my energy (but I’ll always love you, coffee).

If everyone around us is sick, I dole out extra chewable Vitamin C.

I’m open to a Juice Plus rep contacting me for sure. It might make my life easier to have fewer bottles to keep track of.

Do you believe in vitamins? Some believe prenatal vitamins MAKE a woman have morning sickness, but I don’t buy it. I guess I don’t feel much different either way.


  1. Apothe- Kerrie

    I love it great play on words :D I hope you don't get zice Don't forget the zinc

    Kerri I'm tagging you.
    The tag rules are on my blog (plus my tag answers if your interested ;) )I don't want to clutter your Comment section with them.

  2. I give the kids the gummy vitamins (usually just the Flintstones Sour ones). I take a multi-vitamin, a baby aspirin (blood clotting disorder) and my anti-anxiety meds. I give a Men's Multi-Vitamin supplement to the husband - I put it on top of his lunch box. I think he takes them...

  3. i know a juice plus rep if you're interested.

  4. I take...
    OTC Prenatal
    800 mcg of Folic acid
    81 mg of asprin (I also have that blood clot thing.)
    Those are daily.
    Mucinex and 100mg of promtrium (which looks like sixlets) daily for two weeks. And now my doctor is in the works of giving me more pills. Super. I give Wes a male multi also. I read that Vitamin C, Copper, and Zinc for a male creates super sperm! Although it does call for super high amounts (20,000mg of Vitamin C... daily) He could use the immune boost.


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