Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Powerless Sunday Nights

A couple of weeks ago our power went out on a Sunday night. Luckily, Aron was in the middle of building a fire … it was a cold, windy night. Dinner was in the oven, but he was going to have to finish it off in the fireplace.

At first we weren’t sure what to do. Our power never goes out. The baby had just crashed on me, so my butt was stuck to the couch. Aron (being all resourceful) and the kids got flashlights and lit candles.

This taught us a lesson in appreciation for what we have (electricity). We couldn’t watch TV or use the laptop or listen to music. Michael was wondering if we could flush the toilet.

I read to the kids and we talked. Unfortunately, the power came on after about an hour.

We plan to turn off the Circuit Breaker again some Sunday night! We’ll build a fire and roast hot dogs and marshmallows and read by candlelight and flashlight. And tell stories.