Sunday, October 19, 2008

Attachment Parenting … of Dogs and Cats

It cracks me up to see dogs and cats in purses and slings and strollers. What? You’ve never seen a dog or a cat in a stroller? I have.

A couple of people at my husband’s work (where there is an entire refrigerator for beer and one for food) a few employees bring their dogs to work. One of the dogs is huge. The people who bring their dogs to work are the same people who put their CHILDREN in daycare 50 hours per week back when their kids were young.

And if you work full-time and can’t take your dog to work, there’s always the option of Doggie Daycare.

And some people who berate me for having my HUMAN CHILDREN in my bed are the same ones who gladly let their animals sleep in their bed.

America is so messed up.