Monday, October 20, 2008

Mr. and Mrs. Kerrie Wedding Anniversary (10 Years) Let's Go to The Elms!

So here’s what we did for our 10-year anniversary back on the 10th.

Aron and I went to dinner in my mom’s little 1995 Cavalier with the baby. It was easier than worrying about her crying at home, and Mom and Dave had enough on their plate with our other 3 kids. We got to sit outside. Cheapskate that I am, I even had a coupon for a free meal!

Then we went to Starbuck’s (yes, one that is slated to close) so I could grab a venti mocha and a pound of coffee beans for my mom as “payment” for “babysitting”, which she totally hates (the fact that I feel like I need to do something nice for her for watching the kids).

Once home, we opened presents. I got a rockin’ dictionary, thesaurus and the book Writer Mama, all things I’ve been wanting for some time! I got Aron a nice pan that he wanted. I know, really romantic, but before you judge let me tell you past birthdays, Christmases, anniversaries, Mother’s Days, Father’s Days and Valentine’s Days have been filled with large power tools, jewelry, chocolates, etc. This year we’re making a conscious effort to scale down a bit, especially since we’ve already bought each other everything there is to buy. I’ll take the security of a savings account over diamonds any day. So here's one of my gifts ...

... and please don't throw the baby out with the frying pan ... or out of the frying pan and into the fire???

Then Aron said we were going to go get dessert with the kids in tow. We piled into the minivan and headed … where? Past Downtown, up North, and on and on. Had to let the kids out to pee in Liberty. I have to say I was still pretending to be surprised, but I knew from earlier in the day when I found a packed suitcase that we were going overnight SOMEWHERE. Didn’t know it was going to be The Elms.

I love The Elms. When we checked in, they had a big cake left from a party and offered us all huge pieces. Then we went swimming in the Alice in Wonderland-type indoor pool. The next day we had a breakfast buffet, went for a walk, the kids pined over the huge hot tub ...

... and drove to a nearby park. We also found what we THINK might be the Stairway to Heaven (good song) ...

Then we went to a birthday party at Tresa’s.

Then to Bass Pro, and Callie drove the kids right on outta there ...

What a great anniversary. Thanks, Arvid!


  1. Awwwww sounds like you've had a wonderful but busy time!

  2. You are too,too funny!! Loved your version of how you spent your "anniversary"! You need to write a book!! The pictures are a hoot! If Derek and Colin don't have kids here soon I'm adopting yours as my "grandkids" I'm sure your Mom won't mind sharing!


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