Saturday, October 18, 2008

My Kingdom for a Decent Nursing Bra!

*Warning: Female Content (it’s like Adult Content, only I’m politely telling my dad he won’t want to read this one)

So after only 9 months my $60 nursing bra is getting to the point where it looks like I have 4 boobs. Even on the highest setting, I have to keep adjusting. It’s like when a guy adjusts his, um, AREA, only it’s worse when I have to reach INTO my shirt and pull each of those puppies away from the center of my chest. They tend to migrate toward each other like old people to Florida.

My question to you is this: Can anyone make a decent bra for us poor, well-endowed women?

Here’s a helpful bit of info for nursing bra makers: Already-large breasts full of milk are HEAVY. It’s like putting 2 gallons of milk into a chiffon handkerchief. Nursing bras should be made of Teflon or something similar.

I know those of you with small breasts generally wish for larger ones (as evidenced by the major increase in breast augmentation surgery), but I am telling you there are many times I wish I could be YOU! My husband’s cousin wore one of those cute Glamour Mama nursing tank tops when she had her baby, and I was so jealous! Those tanks would NEVER hold my goodies in place.

So right now I have a Bravado bra … and we had a good relationship until it turned on me recently. Once I had a Liz Lange bra that I marched into Target and bought. It was underwire and worked great until the damn wires poked through the fabric and eventually had to be taken out = no support. Aron even sewed my bra to keep the wires from defecting, but no dice (you gotta picture my sweet husband sewing my bra!).

I’ve been saying for 7 years that Victoria’s Secret needs nursing bras, and I’ve heard they recently started carrying some! If they have support + coverage, I will be their best customer. Throw in something sexy in several colors, and I may even consider becoming a franchisee!

My line of nursing bras would be called “Nursie Bag Kerriers.” Look, my parents always said they named my Kerrie for a reason. They should’ve spelled it “Carry.”

originally posted 10/18/2008 and is still relevant 3.5 years later!


  1. I ordered some nursing clasps to do bra alterations...want some?...for Aron to sew into some regular bras (which should be easier to find in teflon).

  2. Sorry, one of those small chested girls trying to muster up some sympathy but failing! :) Call Karen, she found some nursing bras for you well-endowed women. I was not aware that bras went that far up the alphabet since I am one of those stuck at the beginning!!

  3. I don't know what its like over there but here in the UK if you are over a D cup the bras look like something your grandmother would wear NOT AT ALL SEXY!!!!

    They are getting a little better, but I am a 40something E/F (must get remeasured) and I can't find ANYTHING nice at all so tend to squeeze into something and do the hand down the top lift!

  4. I am a 40DD and not nursing so you can imagine my size when the babies were young! I hate all bras in general and really would prefer to be small and never wear one again.

    For the sake of not freaking out the world I do wear a bra! I love the Lane Bryant collections but I don't know if they make a nursing bra or not, you may want to check it out.



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