Sunday, October 5, 2008

American Family Insurance

I recently got a survey in the mail from my insurance company. They “commissioned” J.D. Power and Associates (wooo … I’m impressed) to conduct a nationwide survey.

They want me to take the time to answer about 50 questions about my service, the value, any recent claims, billing and the usual stuff like how much school I completed, how much money our household makes, how many times I poop in a day and what color it is, etc.

I hate this crap. One question says, “Please let us know if we may share your name and specific responses with your agent.” What is this, high school? Should I talk behind his back or let him know through a third party that I think he’s cute, but that he needs some Clearasil?

I didn’t take the survey but wrote this note, attached it to the survey, and mailed it off:

“Instead of having each agent check in on their own customers personally, you have chosen to waste money on a huge market research firm. I wish you had just given us all a discount instead of hiring J.D. Power and Associates. Then you would DEFINITELY have a near-100% satisfaction rate! How can I rate my overall experience with your company when I consider insurance to be merely a necessary evil?”

And you can’t even blame this rant on my period because I haven’t had one in a year and a half, so there.