Saturday, October 4, 2008

Freaky #5: Natural Family Planning

Aron was a lifetime Catholic (with a few lapses!), and felt strongly about us not using artificial birth control (the Pill, condoms, shots, etc.) once we got married. Since our marriage prep classes were sorely lacking in info, I tearfully set out on my own to figure out how NOT to get pregnant on my wedding night.

It took the INTERNET, folks, for me to find out about something called Natural Family Planning. I was intrigued, and we attended classes at a hospital to find out more.

It was a lot of information, and we don’t even use the method where I would have to take my temperature every morning at the same time and graph it, and then put on my scientist hat and analyze the data. I won’t go into detail here … you can check it out for yourself using my link off to the right of this page (if you're reading this on Facebook, go to first).

I am so angry that the Catholic Church doesn’t want Catholics using ARTIFICIAL birth control, yet they don’t try very hard to teach any other way besides using NOTHING or that damn Rhythm Method (don’t get me started). There was some local hoo-ha a while back about whether Catholic premarital counseling should include teaching NFP. I say absolutely. How do you expect someone to do something your way if you don’t even clue them in on how it works?

I dig it because it’s free and I’m not putting chemicals into my body. At a monthly co-pay of $10, I’ve saved $1200 in the last 10 years by not taking the Pill. And in case you hadn’t noticed, Callie and Eva are about 3 years apart instead of my usual 2, so NFP DOES work to AVOID pregnancy.

I’m just here to inform, People, not judge. Except when I do product and book reviews. Then there’s all kinds of judging goin’ on.

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