Monday, October 6, 2008

Problem Solved T-shirt (Women Nags!)

I bought this T-shirt for my husband a couple of years ago. I know it is sick. I know it is wrong. Politically incorrect, perhaps. But I just love it. I got one for my step-dad, as well, seeing as how my mom and I are -- either unfortunately or fortunately -- similar.

The fact that I bought this shirt for my guy shows that I am down with the plight of the married man, or men in general. It is a Catch-22, really. Men don't listen to us, so we nag more. The more we nag, the less they listen to us.

Just for today, no nagging. Take the trash out yourself. Change the oil in your car. Pick up the dirty underwear, put it in the hamper and DON'T yell at your man later. Give it a try.

I'm laughing my ass off picturing you women actually considering taking my advice!!!!!


  1. I'm loving the t-shirt!

    I try to to nagg my boyfriend, but he doesn't notice either way...sometimes I think the only way he'd notice me is if I dressed up as a gorilla?

  2. Love the t-shirt!

    Ok, ok. I picked up the dirty glass next to the bed, the socks et al from the floor, the breakfast dishes left on the table and PROMISE not to say a word about it later.


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