Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Phoenix Final Email Update

I'm writing this a little early because the gang (minus E.) is at the pool and I don't know when I'll be able to get on the laptop again.

Anyway ... another great weekend. This time we stayed at a Marriott in Liberty Station right off Harbor Drive. We could lay in bed and see airplanes taking off and watch seagulls all over. Saturday morning I got to hold a sleeping E. outside and read Cloud Atlas while A. took the kids to the pool. Later we went to Target (great fun trying to find a freaking nonexistent beach umbrella!!!! was chilly and cloudy that day, anyway, so the joke was on me). Then In N Out Burger (YUM), then FINALLY to Coronado Island again to the beach. We only made it a couple hours ... I had been holding a sleeping (is that all she does?!) E. the whole time sitting in my beach chair just watching the waves. Life does not get any sweeter.

Then on to drive by Hotel del Coronado. Alexander's Pizza for dinner (I have to try to make these Scoobie Snacks and will put the recipe on the blog ). They are pizza dough with Reese's p.b. cups inside. We messed around there til the sun went down, then on to a park, where we got in on some flashlight tag fun with some locals.

In a rare moment of brilliance, I remembered that A. had bought 2-day tickets to SeaWorld (same price as 1 day) and we checked to see if they were still valid. YEP! So after b-fast and a quick walk on the beach to get seashells, Sunday was SeaWorld day for about 4 hours ... me and the kids got sickly on a teacup-type ride (not J., of course ... he spun it faster to taunt us). We got to see penguins, walruses, a polar bear. E. napped on me (seeing a pattern yet?) while I read and A. took the kids to Manatee Rescue and Shark Encounter.

Monday morning J.'s little girlfriend B. was still here, so we hung out all day with her at the pool and in our room. Tuesday = pool. Today we went to the library and grocery store. My Big Fat Greek Restaurant for dinner. OPA!!!!!!

Tomorrow we shall venture out to the Phoenix Zoo. Better set the alarm; the zoo closes at 2 p.m. in the summer. I foresee more pool visits before we leave early Saturday morning, getting in to Amarillo Homewood Suites after 13+ hours of being on the road. No problem. Bring it on!!!!

And NO ... I keep telling you people I am NOT on any type of drug! I am high on life (caffeine) ... gag!

See some of you next week. Aron flies back out Monday night.