Friday, July 25, 2008

Last Day in Phoenix

Well, our final day in Phoenix is here. I have to say this town has grown on me. It will be nice to be home. Here's my to-do list for when we get home Sunday night:

  1. Kiss the walls of my garage. How nice to not get into an oven on wheels anymore! Yes, I am pampered. So what? How many years did I have to do things without a garage, like warm up my car by putting a brick on the gas pedal????
  2. Hug the grass in my backyard.
  3. Open the back doors and let the kids run free into the wonderful, fenced yard.
  4. Plan social set-ups for the kids and myself.
  5. Get scrapbooking again ... I have a ton of pictures from this trip.
  6. Love on my parents (I'm an only child, remember)! I've missed them! I'm not dumb, though. I know THEY have missed my kids mostly!
  7. The usual grind plus that pesky wallpaper stripping project, ordering fall homeschool curriculum, buying the converter box for the TV, dealing with the broken digital camera and finding a decent minestrone recipe (can anyone help me with this?!)
Don't forget ... MadMen starts its second season Sunday night. While I don't have cable, I DO have a mother who will tape it for me. Yipah!

Catch you next time! Pray for my sanity on the ride home :-)