Tuesday, February 8, 2022

How to Maintain Your Dryer in Winter


Today's dryers are better than ever. They have become more and more efficient and save you more on energy costs. It also offers more functions and a nicer design than before.

Keeping your dryer in check during the winter is important. There are also some potential dangers that can occur if you don't maintain it properly. Follow these helpful tips on how to keep your dryer running smoothly for a safer winter season ahead. If you have any concerns, you can also consult with your local appliance repair specialists for professional advice.

Watch the dryer's internal temperature

It is important to keep an eye on your dryer's internal temperature during your dry cycle. If the dryer isn't maintaining a constant dryer temperature, it may indicate there is a serious mechanical or electrical problem and it might be catching on fire.

Water near the dryer could also cause this problem as well as having excess lint inside of the dryer drum. Another possible culprit could be damaged heating elements, faulty vent fans, high-limit thermostats, defective door switches, or controls. In order to ensure the safe operation of this appliance, you will need to have it serviced regularly.

Make sure you factor in maintenance costs every few months because dryers do not last forever and are just like anything else.

Not enough ventilation

Dryers have a built-in fan that needs airflow in order to work properly. If vents become blocked you could be causing a bigger problem down the road.

You should clean the lint trap and dryer vents after each use to remove excess lint, pet hair, and other particles that can accumulate. If it's cold outside, wait until your dryer has warmed up before removing the lint or you could get stuck with a nasty dryer sheet surprise. If you have a flexible air hose, such as those used for dryers venting out through an exterior wall, make sure the hose is free of any sharp kinks

Water isn't supposed to be in your dryer

If water is entering the dryer either from overloading it with too much laundry or due to a clog somewhere along the line (i.e., lint screen) then your load will never dry properly.

If your dryer is overloading, check to see if the main breaker has tripped or there's a switch on the door handle that needs to be pushed back into place. If neither of these solves the problem then it could be time for an appliance repair.

Scheduling a regular dryer maintenance session might be a good idea to expand the lifespan of your dryer.

How long can I expect my dryer to last?

If your dryer has a warranty, it is good for 5-10 years depending on the brand. You should also consider how often you use your dryer as well as if there are any parts of the dryer that may require more frequent service such as filters or lint screens. If you do not have a warranty then plan on replacing your dryer every 7-12 years.

Cleaning the dryer's interior

Your dryer's drum and exhaust system accumulate lint and dust that can reduce airflow which in turn requires longer drying times and higher energy consumption. All dryers have an inside vent for dryer exhaust that usually has a lint screen.

The dryer's vent exhaust system should be cleaned every 1-2 years depending on dryness levels in your home, the dryer's manufacturer's instructions, and dryness levels in your home.

An efficient dryer will bring you lots of conveniences and saveyour money and time. Just pay attention to our maintenance tips and you will continue enjoying using your dryer in winter!

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