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The Benefits of Natural Birth

 Giving birth is an amazing process, but it can also be scary. For centuries, women have given birth naturally, without the help of drugs or surgery. And though giving birth naturally may not be for everyone, there are many benefits to consider if you're thinking about having a natural childbirth. This blog post will discuss the top benefits of natural birth!

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Enhances The Babies Brain Development

One of the top benefits of natural birth is enhancing babies' brain development. A study published in the journal Pediatrics found that babies born naturally had better scores on tests measuring cognitive and motor skills at 18 months old than those delivered via c-section.

The researchers believe that this is due to the fact that during natural birth, the mother's body releases hormones that trigger a rush of oxygen from her blood into the baby's brain. This can help to strengthen connections between neurons and build up stronger synapses which are important for learning abilities later in life.

Easier Recovery

One of the biggest benefits of having a natural birth is that it's easier on your body. With fewer medical interventions, you're less likely to experience pain and fatigue afterward. You'll also have an easier time bouncing back since there will be fewer complications to deal with.

The Risk Of Respiratory Problems Is Lowered

Natural birth is associated with a lower risk of respiratory problems. These include difficulty breathing, fluid in the lungs, and low blood oxygen levels. All these can cause severe problems for newborn babies health-wise if they aren't treated properly. This is another reason why many women choose to have natural births to prevent their children.

There Are Fewer Incidences Of Postpartum Depression

Women who have natural births often experience much less postpartum depression than those who have c-sections or other types of interventions during labor. This is because they have a shorter hospital stay, they feel more in control of the birth, and they get to spend more time with their baby before having to go back home.

The Baby's Head Is In The Proper Position

One of the main benefits of natural birth is that the baby's head is proper. This means that they are less likely to experience problems with their neck or spine after delivery. It can also help reduce the risk of cerebral palsy for some babies. A Pediatric Chiropractor can ensure that your newborn's head is in the best position for delivery.

The Baby Gets To Be With The Mother Immediately After Birth

In natural birth, the baby is usually placed on the mother's chest immediately after the delivery. This allows them to bond and gets used to each other right away without waiting up until later. This can help with the attachment process and ensure that the baby feels safe and secure.

There Are Fewer Infections In Babies Born Naturally

One of the main benefits of natural birth is fewer infections. This is because there is no contact with medical equipment or other people carrying germs. The baby's immune system also isn't as compromised after delivery, meaning that they are less likely to get an infection in the first few weeks of life.

Although natural birth has many benefits, not all mothers can have a natural birth. Some mothers may require medication or intervention during the birthing process to ensure both mother and baby are safe; others may choose pain relief for their reasons. Whatever type of birth you have had, it is your decision, and there should be no judgment on how you choose to give birth. The beautiful thing about delivery is that every woman has their own unique experience.

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