Monday, January 17, 2022

Trendy Living Room Styles to Consider in 2022


The living room is probably one of the most important rooms in your house, since it's where you spend a lot of your time with your family and friends. In fact, this is where memories are created and shared. Especially during the pandemic, we spend more time working and relaxing at home. So why not make sure that your living room has a nice vibe? A lovely, soft sofa would definitely help you relax after a long day at work or school, while stylish coffee tables and lamps could enhance the d├ęcor even more.

Living room style will include sofa(s), comfortable cushions, coffee table with lamp(s). The living-room color scheme should be taken into consideration when choosing living-room furniture in 2022. This is particularly true if it's your first time decorating your living space, because otherwise, you might end up buying something that won't coordinate well with the rest of the items in the room.

Here is a list of trend living room styles you can consider in 2022:

- Traditional living rooms have large windows and ornate furniture with seating for multiple guests. The most common traditional living room would have dark wood flooring with wood-paneled walls, fireplaces with large mantels, decorative mirrors above the fireplace along with potted plants in the corners of the room.

- Casual living areas can be either formal or informal depending on the homeowner's preferences. They typically have a living room rug, and the furniture often consists of a loveseat or chair and sofa along with a coffee table. The living room will have walls that are not paneled but instead painted to allow for airflow as well as large windows allowing for natural lighting.

- Formal living can be considered an extension of traditional living as it has the same characteristics as the traditional living style, however is accompanied by fewer potted plants and more ornate vases - perhaps even orchids.

- A dining area may oftentimes also be a living area, as dining tables can double as living room furniture (specifically the living room side of the table). A living room with a dining area will often have large windows and minimal living room furniture, only containing chairs and perhaps a coffee table.

- Transitional living rooms mix traditional and modern styles. These living rooms may contain wood paneling along with white or eggshell paint on walls to blend wall colors together effortlessly, dark floors contrasted by white sofas, modern seating such as sectionals, ottomans and custom-made sofas.

- Scandinavian living is known for its downplayed approach to elegant wall treatments such as black painted brick or stone. The flooring is usually of a light color with living furniture consisting of leather.

- Mid-century living rooms are similar to transitional living rooms in the sense that they contain clean lines; however, mid-century living rooms do not rely on colors or paint like transitional living rooms but instead upon shapes and angles - more specifically triangles. Modern furniture such as sectionals, ottomans and recliners compliment this living style along with abstract art on the walls.

- Hollywood Regency living rooms are known for their iconic curved shapes that allow for odd angles within living room decorating layouts which creates an "old-school" Hollywood feel when looking at these types of living room decorations. The living room will often have one large focal point, whether it be a television or wall decoration such as a fireplace.

- Eclectic living rooms mix various living room styles together, creating an amalgamation of living room decorating. These living rooms can be considered transitional because they contain elements influenced by traditional living types (for example ornate vases) but also contain influences from modern living (such as oversized ottomans).

There are so many living room styles that you can consider when preparing your own living space. It is important to understand your own preferences and taste before making any decision. 

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