Thursday, August 29, 2019

Draw from Inspiration and Spice up Your Home

There’s just so much you can do with the rooms of your home, and so many different things that you can put in them to make your home look great. But picking something and knowing where to put it might not be your forte. So we’re going to show you some ideas for the three main rooms in your home. Your bedroom, living room, and bathroom. Hopefully, we will be able to inspire you with some great ideas, and also show you where else you might be able to draw inspiration from. Most of you reading this will be very house-proud, so finding new ways to spice it up and look great is essential. So, keep on reading, and we’ll give you a room-by-room guide that we just know will work!

The Bedroom

The bedroom is the one room in your home that you want to be able to associate with comfort, and it’s so easy to do that. The first thing that we think you need to do, is get that relaxing vibe going on. There are so many great candle holders that look like great accessories, and indoor plants which give the room a natural feel. Darker and more neutral colours are also recommended as it keeps the mood relaxed, rather than making your room feel like it’s vibrant and awake with bright colours. Black-out curtains in a darker shade are also recommended. There’s nothing worse than being woken up by sunlight early in the morning! A nice fur rug for the floor will finish the room off nicely, but make sure it’s one that matches the theme of the room. If you have wooden flooring it’s definitely advised to have a nice rug, especially as the floor will get really cold when the warmer weather comes!

The Living Room

The living room is definitely more of a social room, but it has to be relaxing as well. It’s easy for a living room to feel overcrowded with items. People tend to cram sofas and coffee tables and whatever else in there, and it’s not the sort of style you want to be going for. Less is definitely better, and you can draw inspiration from the Vitra House Bird design. Simplicity really is a favourite in terms of interior design at the minute. But we do understand if you want more seating area, so a corner sofa is always a good way to go. You can usually get a lot more space, without having to clog up the room.

The Bathroom

A good bathroom is just so good to look at, and there’s only one way to really make an improvement, if you haven’t done it recently that is. We’re talking about a bathroom renovation, which is well worth the money. It’ll add value to your home, and improve your ability to use it. Walk-in showers are definitely popular at the minute, with stone colours being the growing trend! The more natural and earthy colours and types of stone you can use, the better it’s going to look.

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