Thursday, November 25, 2021

3 Tips For Moving A Piano

 Are you planning to move a piano? There's no denying the size and weight of a piano may be intimidating to move, but if you know what to expect and plan ahead, it's not as difficult as it looks. Here are a few tips for moving your piano so it arrives safely.

1. Disassemble the Piano

Pianos consist of many different parts, and while some may be able to remain intact during a move, others must be removed in order to prevent damage. If you're familiar with the workings of pianos, you can remove the necessary parts before moving day. If you're not, ask an experienced individual to help by removing anything that could break or bend during transit.

2. Disassemble Your Furniture

Chairs, desks, tables and other furniture should be completely disassembled prior to moving. Not only will you save space and make your move more efficient, but you'll avoid damaging furniture in transit.

3. Cover Your Piano

The piano itself must be covered at all times while it's being moved to prevent accidents from occurring. A good quality cloth or plastic will suffice, or you can simply use a dark sheet or blanket for added discretion. Never tie the piano to the truck with anything but purpose-built straps and pads, as wire cables and nylon straps can cut through your piano's exterior.

Final Thoughts

Moving a piano isn't as intimidating as you might think, and if you break down the process, it's not difficult to accomplish. However, it's always smart to use a Modern Piano Moving service whenever possible, as it's a safer, easier option in the vast majority of cases.

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