Thursday, September 16, 2021

5 Benefits of Bringing a Pet into Your Home


Belle is my son Joel's Australian Shepherd and she's one year old!
This is us on a recent camping trip.

Pets of any kind bring happiness. They make excellent companions, can be great for lonely people, or be a wonderful way to teach kids about responsibility. The advantages of owning a pet stretch much further than even that; there are some real, tangible reasons to consider bringing one into your home.


#1 They can make you fitter


Pets that need interaction with help you get fit. This applies especially to taking a dog for a walk. Not everybody enjoys taking exercise, and fewer still want to go for a long walk or run simply for the sake of it. The beauty of owning a dog is that you have no choice. You’ll need to walk the animal at least once a day, and more active dogs like huskies can even be taken on long runs or bicycle rides. Forming a routine around exercise is great for your health, and having a reason to get up and get out ensures that you never miss a day.


#2 Great for mental health


More broadly, all pets have a beneficial effect on mental health. Even something as small as a hamster can alleviate feelings of isolation and loneliness. The responsibility of owning a pet can also give somebody a feeling of purpose. Companionship is a big motivator for pet owners. Having an animal companion has been shown to relieve the symptoms of anxiety and depression and generally enhance feelings of positivity. Stroking a pet has even been shown to help people sleep better!


#3 Help you get organized


Caring for a pet is rewarding, but it isn’t always easy. There are vet bills, food supplies, and you’ll even need to replace toys regularly. Tools like Exceptional Pets make this process easier by putting all the required services (vets, food suppliers, etc.) in one place and allowing you to search according to criteria, but you’ll still need to be organized. Scheduling checks, establishing a grooming routine, and ensuring a regular supply of the right kind of food helps you to organize other areas of your life, too.


#4 They teach kids responsibility


Following on from the previous point, there aren’t many kids who don’t want to own a pet. They think they can handle the responsibility, promise to walk the dog or feed the cat, but words don’t always translate easily into actions. Bringing a pet into the home and teaching your kids how to care for it can really help them mature, though. It’s important to supervise them and offer guidance, but giving a child responsibility early in their life will help them to grow into a more considerate, capable adult.


#5 More socialization options


Pets give you access to pet owner clubs, where you’re likely to meet new people and make friends. Dogs might go to dog parks, but other animals, including cats and even birds, all have local clubs dedicated to them. Bonding with other pet owners is a fantastic way to make new friends (you all have a shared interest, after all) and can lead to long-term relationships.