Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Why is Cleaning Your Attic So Important?

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Attics can be easily neglected. While incredibly useful for storing odds and ends, like seasonal decorations, old toys, and the like, they aren’t usually cleaned very often. Loading it up and forgetting about it can be a common issue with attics. The problem with such a mentality is obvious. As the closest room to the roof, attics are the most susceptible to pests moving inside. It might be dirty and hot, but it’s important to regularly clean up there to rid of pests in the attic.

A thorough cleaning of an attic is an involved process, and, if pests have moved in, calling experts, like Wildlife X Team Oklahoma City, is definitely a good idea.

Attic cleaning, whether handled by yourself or professionally, is a multiple-step process. If pests have moved in, they need to be removed, obviously. Identifying where pests have set up is usually pretty easy. For mice, squirrels, and smaller critters, droppings along the walls, boxes with holes chewed into them, and piles of leaves or old rags in a corner are all pretty good indicators of rodents. Larger animals like raccoons will leave more obvious evidence. Depending on the time of day, the pests might actually be in the nest or visible upon entering the attic. Such encounters can be dangerous, especially if the pests have babies. The safe removal of the pests and your person at the point requires professional pest removal. Attic cleaning is dirty and potentially risky work, so sometimes it's best left to the experts, like those at arkansasanimal.com.

Organizing and removing all the junk that’s built up in the attic over the years tends to be easier to handle by yourself, or at least with the hand of a friend or family member. Old stuff you have no more use for or interest in can be sold or donated. The reduced clutter can then be better sorted within the attic to make for easier access. People tend to put the seasonal stuff, like decorations, near the door to the attic. Everything else tends to get shoved to the back. so make sure to start from the back, since that’s where the oldest stuff tends to sit.

Maintaining insulation is important, too. Attic insulation tends to be the most exposed, which means it’s the most likely to receive damage. As long as you’re up there, you should look it over to make sure it’s still in place. Obvious damage like holes or missing chunks are another potential indicator of an animal moving in, especially if the insulation pieces are in a corner instead of the ceiling. Some insulation can be replaced yourself, but if the damage is extensive or the insulation a spray or foam version, it’s probably best to call a contractor.

Along with insulation, the roof itself should also be examined. Even if animals haven’t moved in, there’s nothing wrong with preventive inspections and maintenance. Rot, mold, mildew, cracked wood, and holes should all be looked for and repaired. Again, such damage is usually best handled by a contractor. Damage to the roof can easily spread to damage to the rest of the house, especially in the case of mold or mildew.

Finally, there’s just simple dusting and cleaning. Whether or not you have a pest infestation, taking care of all the dust and dirt that’s built up there over the years is a good idea. The attic can serve as a major air entryway for ventilation systems, which means all the built-up dust can end up circulating throughout the house. That’s obviously not ideal, as poor air quality can cause a variety of respiratory problems for people and their pets. If animals have moved in, their dander and droppings can exacerbate such issues. Giving the attic a good cleaning every now to get rid of the pests and then is definitely a good idea. If the dust and whatnot have built up heavily, it might be worth hiring professionals to handle the problem. To avoid health issues, proper safety equipment is recommended.

The attic is an important but often neglected part of the home. In order to make sure it receives the attention it deserves, make sure to get up there and do some cleaning, sorting, and inspecting to make sure it’s in good shape.

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