Tuesday, July 7, 2020

*CANCELLED* Pitching for Priests Kansas City 2020 Friday, July 31

PLEASE NOTE: This post is updated annually so it's kind of confusing and like a really bad novel jumping back and forth in time. Father Evan Harkins has since passed away, and his loss will be felt forever. Please continue to pray for him and for his family. This is what I wrote about him last year and just can't bring myself to take it down: "Father Evan Harkins is my friend's son (she taught my boys study skills and my daughter how to do handcrafts), and we got to see him play in 2018. He's such a sweet person, it's like he is a priest celebrity. Like how can anyone really be that awesome?!"

UPDATED POST for 2020:
My family is so excited about this event for the third year and a row, and we are grabbing our tickets fast! Priests playing baseball is actually super entertaining, especially as you get to know more of them. I was at a party Saturday night where there were three or four seminarians, so I'm at that age where I get all excited to see who is going to be an incoming priest because I know their mothers and their families and I love that they are going to study at seminary!

Who should we root for? We lived in Kansas forever ... now we live in Missouri.

(last year I wrote this:) Father Haake is our new priest and I haven't even met him yet but I dig him ... he's out at Camp Savio with the campers this week and my husband, son and daughter are also there! They said they really like him.

UPDATE: Father Adam Haake is an outstanding individual and we are blessed to have him as our priest at Coronation of our Lady in Grandview. He has been a trooper through the COVID crisis and yesterday Joel and his bestie Adam got to altar serve again. I was on the verge of tears the entire time, so happy to see everyone, to hear Father Haake, to hear the bells, to celebrate Corpus Christi! Everyone stay healthy out there!

Get your tickets here!

UPDATE 2019! This was originally posted June 12, 2018 and we went to the game and LOVED IT! Our family enjoyed it so much we are going again this year with tons of friends … and TAILGATING! Our own Father Haake is playing again and he is an amazing priest with such great insight and the best homilies!


*DUE to COVID 19 we will be limiting seating capacity to 2,000 people. Last year we had about 3,000 people attend the game. We will be leaving every other row empty. If regulations change before the game we will release more tickets for sale* We will provide updates regarding city requirements (masks, etc) closer to the date of the game*

We will NOT have BASEBALL CARDS this year. We plan to bring baseball cards and t-shirts back next year! As soon as we get a game Roster for each team completed we will send it out.

If the game gets canceled because of COVID we will refund tickets immediately. We will be keeping $3.50 per ticket for our lost expenses if the game is canceled. For example, if you purchase two adult tickets for $30 and the game does not happen you will be refunded $23. Thank you for your understanding and patience!


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