Tuesday, March 30, 2021

4 Considerations If You're Moving During The Pandemic

 You can’t always time life perfectly. Taking moving. You need to do it for several reasons, including that your current home has positive equity and you want to take advantage before the bubble bursts. There is a problem, though - you’re in the middle of a pandemic.

For many people, avoiding moving has been essential since they don’t want to take risks. However, at some point, you’ve got to outweigh the pros against the cons. If, for instance, your mental health is deteriorating due to limited space, it’s time to up sticks and find somewhere new.

Of course, the process isn’t simple when you have a situation like the one the entire world has experienced over the past twelve months. So, the key is to think of the considerations that can make it easier and safer. If you’re searching for inspiration, please free feel to use these four factors to your advantage.

Your COVID Fashion and Religious Update One Year In

Welcome to your COVID fashion and religious update (you're welcome):

Kohl's has no dressing rooms open, even though they did last summer.

Target dressing rooms are still closed.

Macy's and Dillard's let you try on a zillion dresses and they are hung right back up. No sanitizing dressing rooms, no sanitizing clothing. Do you know how many prom dresses teen girls try on in the span of several hours?

Monday, March 22, 2021

Healthy Treatments for Adults and Children


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Acupuncture is an ancient treatment that originated in China. It works on the theory that there are energy centers in the body and energy lines running throughout. This energy is called 'Chi' which is vital life-force energy. Sometimes it gets blocked and trapped. 

Acupuncture uses small fine needles to unwrap the blocked energy and let it run freely again in your system. Whether you believe in it or not it does get some good results. It can harmonize the body and mind and heal chronic conditions. 

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

11 Easy Steps To Increase Your Kid's Working Memory


Photo: https://www.pexels.com/photo/crop-multiracial-family-playing-with-children-at-table-in-house-6623790/

No more forgetting things! If you want your child to excel academically, then you need to teach them how to increase their working memory. Here are some easy steps that anyone can do.

"Kids' brains grow and develop in the first few years of life, laying down the foundation for everything they will be able to do. But it's not just size that matters: what kids learn in those formative years will have a big impact on their brain development," writes Blythe Corbett, M.D. in an article for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services website, Healthy Children.

A strong working memory is essential for building academic skills in reading, writing, and math. But it also has a big impact on your child's physical health, emotional well-being, social skills, and more. 

Here are 11 easy steps to increase your kids' working memory:

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Benefits of Using PayPal to Play Slots

 When slot machines first entered the gambling world right at the end of the 19th century we’re pretty sure nobody would have thought that, 100 years later, we would all be spinning the reels on this thing called the Internet. Sometimes you really have to step back from the industry in order to truly appreciate it – isn’t it crazy how much we take modern online slot technology for granted? And it’s the same for other online things like PayPal too! 

PayPal is another modern invention that has enriched our lives, and the really cool thing is that these days you can fuse both online slots and PayPal - check the best payout slots 2021. That’s right, gamblers can use their PayPal account on some online casino sites, therefore being able to play the best slots with the ease of their PayPal. There are so many different benefits of using PayPal to play slots, so let’s get right into the question…

Where Can I Play Free Slots Games Online?

 The popularity of Online Slots across the world is not unprecedented. The history of this form of entertainment has seen many exciting and groundbreaking games taking the industry by storm. A gamble for your money is a vital part of online slots, although that is not all there is to it - play Starburst with 500 free spins. Spending money is not a must when it comes to Online Slots Games! In this article, we will look over a few ways you could play Free Slot Games Online.

Thursday, March 11, 2021

Benefits of Using a Lawn Care Service to Help Care for Your Yard

Image by Ulrike Mai from Pixabay 

You spend a lot of time caring for your home and landscaping. And as you know it takes a lot of time out of your day to keep things looking great. But there are times when you get busy, and it will start to show around the home. But your lawn does not have to suffer just because you get busy. If you are considering hiring a Lakewood Lawn service to help care for the yard, then here are some benefits that you will enjoy from making the choice.

A healthy and beautiful-looking yard takes a lot of time and ends up being an attraction to your neighbors. By hiring the right team of professionals, you can rest knowing that you are in good hands.

Monday, March 8, 2021

3 Benefits of Adding Pool Enclosures

Did your new home come with a pool or did you just get a pool installed? Have you considered enclosing it? There are many benefits of Florida pool enclosures. Here are three of the top ones you should know. 

1. Security (A Bigger Concern Than You May Realize)

When it comes to your pool, you want to keep a variety of things out, including people, bugs, dirt, leaves, and more. Don’t let your hard maintenance work go to waste! When you enclose your pool area, you are preventing any unwanted visitors from taking a dip while keeping your pool clean. The more secure your pool, the more time you have to enjoy it! 

2. Protection From the Sun

While you may enjoy sunbathing at your pool, it is important to remember that the sun can damage your skin. When you have a pool enclosure, it can help block the rays from directly affecting your skin. Keep in mind that you should always wear sunscreen whenever you are in the pool. A pool enclosure can’t stop all the sun’s UV rays, but it can act as a buffer. 

3. More Time to Swim

Although the weather may stay warm for most of the year in certain climates, there can be some chilly days (who wants to swim when it’s cold or rainy?).  When you have an enclosed pool, you can enjoy swimming whenever you want! Pool enclosures (in combination with a heater) help keep your pool warm while blocking the rain from coming in. 

Final Thoughts

Pool enclosures offer many benefits for homeowners. If you are ready to keep your pool secure, your skin protected, and have more time to swim, now is the perfect opportunity to enclose your pool! 


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