Thursday, November 12, 2020

4 Green Habits That Really Do Make a Difference



With everything going on in the world right now, you’d be forgiven for forgetting about the other big global threat looming over us. Climate change has been an issue for several decades and is showing no signs of going away. Big changes are needed if our planet is to reverse the effects of global warming and make the earth habitable for future generations.

As consumers, we are regularly given opportunities to do our bit for the environment. We can recycle our used goods, reuse our shopping bags, and buy biodegradable laundry tablets. These are undoubtedly meaningful actions to take, and if everyone were to do the same, it would certainly make a huge difference. But individually, these small steps are barely a drop in the ocean of what is needed to change the planet. And there is a risk that people will carry out these small steps and feel as though they are doing their bit for the environment, when their actions really amount to very little. More is needed.

If we are to arm ourselves against the assault of climate change, it is necessary to take larger actions that have greater consequences. Although it is the governments of the world who can incite real change, there are some habits you can adopt at home, which will have a larger impact on a greater scale.

Cutting out meat

The meat industry is one of the biggest polluters on the entire planet, yet it shows no sign of slowing down. It uses up huge swathes of land, releases vast quantities of methane from animals into the atmosphere, and burns excessive fossil fuels in the production and distribution processes. If everyone were to switch to a plant-based diet, the world’s food-based emissions would drop by 70%. There are now so many delicious alternatives to meat and dairy out there that going vegan is easier than ever.

Stop flying

The other big polluter is the aviation industry. Plane travel might be convenient, but it does a lot more harm than good. So next time you take an international holiday, why don’t you travel by train, coach or boat instead? It’s perfectly possible to see the world without flying, and communication technology is making international business travel more or less redundant.

Go zero waste

As consumers, we produce an inordinate amount of waste in our everyday lives—packaging, uneaten food, discarded toys, and clothing, you name it. Not only is this incredibly wasteful, but it has a huge environmental impact. Plastic ends up in the ocean, and the increasingly full landfills generate vast amounts of methane. By taking steps to eradicate household waste, you can dramatically reduce your own carbon footprint. Find innovative ways to make your food last longer, recycle or donate your used and broken items, and buy food without plastic packaging whenever possible. Donate your wood waste to companies like Edrich Lumber, Inc. and compost organic waste rather than sticking it in the trash.

Use your voice

There’s only so much one person can do. The most effective way you can personally help the planet is by spreading the word. Tell others about your green habits, talk about environmental issues on social media, sign petitions, and get involved in local politics. Change starts with all of us.

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