Saturday, October 3, 2020

Is Halloween Cancelled in 2020?

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That's ridiculous. Who is going to cancel it? Who is going to keep me from walking alongside my kids in a neighborhood while they attempt to collect candy? Who is going to keep me from passing out candy, with or without a mask on? The police maybe, you say? Trust me, the police don't want to ruin Halloween either.

One of my neighbors posted this, and it's fantastic (keep in mind I live in the country):

CDC advised against trick or treating. So we won't be participating this year.

However, we are protesting in our driveway between 6pm and 9pm-ish. Children who are attending are encouraged to wear a costume to conceal their identity and to bring a bag or pail to loot candy. Pups also can loot some dog treats! Adults in attendance.... please wear a mask to conceal your identity as well; however, it’s not mandatory.


1. Most kids are already wearing some sort of mask anyway. Consider putting on your own mask and coughing up the candy. 

2. Your interaction with the kids as candy-giver is minimal. Toss the candy from afar. Make into a sort of Candy Basketball game.

3. If you are not handing out candy, for the love of all that is holy, please turn off your porch light. I respect your right to stay inside and stay healthy and safe and all that, but TURN OFF THE LIGHT!

4. Afraid your kid will catch a virus trick or treating? Odds are extremely low, and all the experiences I'm hearing about are that a kid doesn't feel well for like ONE DAY while adults are more like a week or so. If you don't know that numbers have been fudged from the start as far as cause of death, etc., you aren't paying attention! The kids are fine, but you need to probably stand on the sidewalk and cut the chit chat with the neighbors this year. Or not. 

5. Gather in smaller groups so you aren't freaking people out.

6. Back to #4, um, did you know your kid is exposed to all sorts of stuff ALL THE TIME? Who remembers that H1N1 thing from 2009? Not me, and I was pregnant at the time. It was also a pandemic but we did not shut down and ... oh, never mind. You are already either with me or against me and this blog post won't change your mind so in conclusion ...

1. I respect your right to NOT celebrate Halloween in a traditional way this year. I still love you and hope you will respect my right to cling to the Old Normal.

2. TURN OFF YOUR PORCH LIGHT if you are not handing out candy or you will be super annoyed all night by the ringing doorbell and knocking. 


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