Monday, September 28, 2020

Moving Long-Distance? Take These Steps First

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When it comes to moving house, some of us choose to move just a couple of streets across, possibly

to find a bigger home or be closer to family. Some of us, however, tend only to move in big chunks,

taking us from one city to another, or potentially even another state or country. You may be in the latter

group if you have a job that requires you to travel, or happen to experience wanderlust.

However, any one of us can end up moving more or less across the country for one reason or another.

Maybe our job demands it, or maybe we have to move to help family during a tough time. Either way,

it is important to be aware of what such a long distance move entails, and how to make sure that you

take all the necessary precautions before you make it.

Read up on state/regional/national law where you’re going

Outside of a vague sense that we’re always operating on the right side of the law, many of us do not

have in-depth legal knowledge, and specifically do not know the difference between the laws where

we are, and law elsewhere. However, if you are moving within the USA, you may need to brush up

on state law in the place you’re moving to. Even neighboring states can have vastly different laws on

issues such as drinking alcohol, gun ownership and driving. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, so make

sure to learn what you need to know.

Heavy weight makes any trip tougher

Though many of us decide to travel light and save money by turning our house move into a road trip,

driving across the country with most of your possessions may well be a false economy; it will definitely

slow your drive, and will lead to more frequent refuelling stops. Assigning this part of the job to the likes

of North American Van Lines is a smart move - then you can move at your leisure, potentially even

flying to save the exhaustion and expense that comes from a long, multi-day drive and several motel

stops. Moving is a tough process, why make it any harder than it needs to be?

Switch over your utilities

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No matter how you’ve traveled, nor how long it has taken, when you arrive at the other end of a

long-haul move you are going to be tired. You will also be the very opposite of fresh, and won’t much

be in the mood for anything beyond flaking out and beginning to relax into your new home. So make

sure that you have alerted your utilities provider in the old home to switch off your service on moving

day, and spoken to your new provider to make sure your supply is on. You will want to shower, and you

are not going to want to do it in the dark, so it’s worth a check-up call a few days before the move to

ensure everything is on target.

A long-distance move can be exciting and filled with learning opportunities, but it is also testing at every

turn, so make sure you’ve got the essentials covered before you move.

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