Tuesday, September 29, 2020

4 Fun Ways To Keep The Kids Entertained At Home

Baking with kids is a blast!

(Originally posted 6/11/2019, but with the COVID situation, I thought I'd give it an update and repost)

With the school summer vacation looming comes the tricky task of how to keep your kids entertained for weeks on end. The weather isn’t always on your side, and you might face many wet and dreary days stuck in the house together (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing because who can say no to some quality family time?).

Keeping everyone busy and entertained doesn’t have to break the bank – the more creative you get with it, the more fun things you can come up with which may not even cost a dime.

Of course, there are also some cool investments you can make, too, if there comes a point when you’d rather the kids entertain themselves with a piece of tech because you need to get on with the laundry and your own tasks for the day.

Take a look at some of these tips to get your creative fun-loving gears whirring. 

Build an Awesome Fort

If your kids are still young enough to appreciate the power of imagination, it only takes a minute’s work to transform a pile of empty boxes, cushions and sheets into a fairy tale castle, fort or fun-filled maze. 

The great thing is you won’t need to spend any money: just pull the bed sheets right off the bed, lay them on the back of the couch and get creating your dream fort!

Bake Something Yummy Together

Because there’s nothing better than tasty treats and snacks while enjoying a cozy day home with the family – and what kid is going to say no to the concept of whipping up some delicious home-baking

Get creative with food coloring, fun stencils or weird flavors. This is also great for teaching your kids elements of cooking and making their way around the kitchen, as well as showing them what great products can come from using the kitchen at home. It may get messy, but that just means you’ve done it right. 

Invest in Audio and Video Products

In this day and age, there’s only so long you can keep a child away from a screen. Obviously the goal is to get your kids away from the TV or tablet long enough to enjoy family time and fresh air, but that doesn’t mean that it’s a bad thing for you and the kids to enjoy a movie together, cartoons or a bit of fun music. 

Companies like The Wires Zone offer free shipping on pieces of tech, and even same-day shipping if you’ve woken up just realizing you promised the kids you’d watch a home movie today. They offer items like Blu-Ray players and surround-sound speakers to make sure your family movie day is done right.  

Practice Face Painting

Make use of cheap skin-friendly paints to transform your kids into little tigers or their favorite superhero – and let them have fun doing the same to you! Get the artistic juices flowing.

Just don’t forget to check the mirror before you go answering the door to any unexpected callers!

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