Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Flexible Work Opportunities That Can Supplement Your Income

COVID-19 took a sledgehammer to the job market earlier in the year, forcing millions of people out of work involuntarily. It was a massive disaster and left many of us worrying how the heck we were going to keep a roof over our heads during the lockdown. Fortunately, the economy appears to be bouncing back, with millions of new jobs being created in both May and June. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t scars from the lockdown. Many people’s finances are in tatters. 

Fortunately, there are plenty of jobs you can do to supplement your income. You don’t have to make do with a smaller income from your regular work (or none at all). 

Become A Household Assistant

Wealthy people will remain relatively unaffected by the current economic crisis engulfing western countries. Even if their incomes are down this year, they have massive cash reserves and want to maintain their quality of life. They know that things will improve in a couple of years, giving them plenty of opportunities to build their wealth again. 

For that reason, the household assistant market is hot right now. Millionaires and billionaires want people to do the odd job here and there to manage their properties. They’re too busy to do it themselves.

If you do a good job, you can usually earn tips that easily double or triple your regular pay. And even if you work for a basic rate, all that money soon adds up and makes a massive difference in your quality of life. 

Offer Your Services Freelance

COVID-19 made “going freelance” mainstream. Now everyone wants to try it. Marketable skills include writing, transcribing, tutoring, providing virtual reception services, and even accounting. 

Freelance gigs tend to build slowly. At first, you might only get a couple of projects per week. But over time, demand will build. People will tell their colleagues about your services. And eventually, you’ll fill your calendar. 

Become A Carer

Child and elderly care jobs never went away during the crisis. In fact, the demand for people to work in this sector went up and up. And even when the economy returns to normal, that process will continue. 

The great thing about most care jobs is that you can divide your time into chunks. Agencies tend to operate sophisticated timetables. So you just tell them when you’re free to work, and they’ll get on with the job of providing you with opportunities that work around your schedule. 

Try Dog Sitting

If you thought babysitting was a real money-spinner, you should try dog sitting. Most people really dislike leaving their pooches in their homes when they go away for the night, just in case they start acting out. And a lot of people can’t bear sending their dogs to kennels if they decide to go abroad

Dog sitting, therefore, is becoming increasingly popular. You essentially house sit for the person who is going away while also looking after their four-legged friend. Basic knowledge of how to look after a dog is required. But other than that, you don’t need any special skills. 

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