Monday, July 6, 2020

A Guide to Window Pane Replacement

Whether the window pane has been damaged by a falling branch, an errant baseball or a hurled stone, sooner than later you will need to carry out window pane replacement. However, if you have single-pane windows or old panes, replacing them is the only choice you have to make your home look appealing. Replacing your panes, though an easy undertaking, needs practice. 

In this piece we are going to show you how to replace panes in your Oakville windows and doors. Remember that after you have done pane replacement you want to have neat panes and your windows opening and closing as before.

Step 1: Removing the Glass

To get rid of the broken glass, you should wear protective gloves to avoid causing injury to your hands. To start with, break the glass to loosen it and then wearing your gloves, wiggle all the pieces that doesn’t come out easily.

Step 2: Get Rid Of the Old Putty

First, you would want to place an aluminium foil near the panes to avoid damage by heat. Now rake out the warm putty using a chisel and repeat the process on the other side.

Step 3: Prepare the Rabbets

Prepare the metal glazing points and the grooves where the glass will sit. Now sand your rabbets on the wood. Brush it to make it stick onto the wood so it doesn’t sip the oils from the putty and reduce its life.

Wait for the paint to get dry and then put the putty on the surface and wait until it gets malleable and warm, and press the rabbets. At this point, the surface won’t be neat, but that doesn’t matter at this stage.

Step 4: Bed the Glass

Now it’s time for the actual window pane replacement where you are supposed to press it into the putty. Make sure to apply enough pressure using your fingers for the pane to hold strongly. Usually, Oakville Windows and Doors panes hold pretty well on the putty.

Step 5: Setting the Points

Locate the centre of the all the four sides of the pane and now put a glazier’s point flat on the pane glass and press the tip of your putty knife against the raised point. While gently pushing the pane downwards, roc the points starting at each side until it sits perfectly on the wood.

Step 6: Knead the Putty

Take a handful of putty and create a long rope, precisely, three-quarters long.

Step 7: Apply Your Putty Rope

Now gently put your putty roe around the glass edges and press it strongly against the rabbets.

If the length of the putty rope doesn’t reach the end, create another one and overlap the tips to create a continuous ring around the glass edges.

Step 8: Smooth the Putty

To smoothen the putty you will need to use a knife. Start from one corner with your knife held at 45-degree angle to the window pane and the cutting tip on the rabbet.

Now pull the knife from one corner to the other, while maintaining the angle. Make sure everything is clean and after smoothening the putty collect the excess. Now, set the knife tip and repeat the process on the other sides.

In case the tip of your knife draws away the putty, clean it and repeat the process.

Step 9: Fine Tune

Go to the other side and see whether the putty is in line with the other putty on the side you are watching from. If you can see it, it means it has extended and you need to retool it.

To do so, hold your knife to the corner of the glass near the rabbet than before and then retool it following step number 8. You will know you have achieved the right angle if the edge lines of the putty are in line, both in the interior and exterior of the window pane. Remove the excess putty.

Step 10: Prime and Paint

The last step in window replacement for your windows Oakville is priming and painting. Before this, you should give the putty some time to harden up and clean the oil from the putty using a dry rag. Now paint it and apply a coat of paint.

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