Thursday, June 25, 2020

What You Didn’t Know About Satellites

If your television gets the news channel, you may be using a satellite dish. This parabolic dish acts as receiver of radio signal and broadcasts. The fascinating technology created through scientific studies are one of the main reasons why you have so many entertainment options. Once a satellite dish installation Columbus happens, these satellite dishes receive direct broadcasts from a satellite up in space. Here are some cool facts about these fascinating objects.

Not All Satellites are Manmade

A satellite is really anything that orbits the earth. Some of these are artificial and sent up in space intentionally. Others are just space junk. Some, like the moon, are just objects orbiting the planet.
Most manmade satellites are shot into orbit with the help of a rocket. Sputnik 1, technology developed by Russia, was only the size of beach ball. Its orbit took 98 minutes to revolve completely around the Earth.

GPS stands for Global Positioning System

The technology you use to navigate your city is guided by 20 satellites orbiting the earth. They give precise data of any location of the Earth. Next time you use your GPS app, thank those orbiting satellites for their help.

They Don’t Function Forever

Satellites are built to last as long as possible out in space. They are built to withstand harsh environments, so the radiation and space vacuum won’t affect their functionality. They also must put up under three times the force of gravity during the launch, and then adjust to weighing less up in space. Solar power keeps the machines running, but the average lifespan of a satellite is only about nine years.

Although it is nice to receive clear television due to your satellite dish, there’s a lot more behind the way it works. Satellites are incredible and manmade satellites are built to make life easier for us.

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