Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Major Parties Demand Major Planning

While planning a massive event might sound like fun in theory, in practice it's a logistical nightmare. Being in charge means that responsibility rests with you when things go wrong. The spectacular failure of Fyre Festival and its ensuing aftermath drastically demonstrates what happens when proper planning is ignored. Don't make the same mistakes, lest you suffer the dire consequences.

Secure a Suitable Space

A host's first priority for any party is anticipating the number of guests. It's easier to have fewer festival-goers on the big day than attempting to accommodate excess attendees at the last minute. Therefore, it's best to be liberal in your estimate.

After completing your calculations, you'll need to find a facility big enough to hold everyone. Perhaps there's a fairground in the area with ready amenities, or a large piece of open land you can lease from a private owner. In either case, local authorities will insist on permits for setup, sanitation, noise, concessions and all other behind-the-scenes activities necessary for pulling off a successful festival.

Have Adequate Bathrooms

When nature calls, there's no choice but to answer. To do so in public would quickly cause area conditions to become unsanitary. The answer for festival planners is contracting a company who specialize in bathroom rentals for concerts and other large-scale events to handle this vital part of the equation.

A good rule of thumb is to have one toilet for every 50 people, so leasing multiple toilets is likely the practical option. Regarding quality, the better the bathrooms are to begin with, the cleaner they should stay throughout the event. Restroom trailers tend to be the best bargain in terms of both space and sanitation. With up to 10 stalls per unit, trailers also feature full-flush toilets, sinks and sometimes showers for long-term attendees.

Nobody wants their event mentioned in the same sentence as Fyre Festival and similar fiascos. Proactive planning and thorough follow-through are the ultimate safeguards against this disgraceful fate.

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