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Best Bingo Variations

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There are a range of different kinds of bingo games available for you to play, at an online casino or land based bingo games hall. But with so many Barbados bingo games variations, how can you possibly know which is for you? While it can seem like there’s a lot out there - it’s easy once you know the ropes. Read on to find out more about the best bingo variations. 

75 Ball Bingo Games 

From the US, this kind of bingo game has gone across the world and is one of the biggest bingo games out there, loved by thousands due to its simplicity. Amongst other factors of course, like the fact that 75 ball bingo games can be played at many different online casino websites. 
The rules don’t differ significantly from other bingo games so that helps. Tickets consist of a 5x5 grid with a total of 24 numbers arranged randomly. Not all 25 spaces are numbered. The central cell in the middle of the grid is blank, and numbers can be from 1 to 75, hence the title. You can win a payout with 75 ball bingo games only with horizontal or vertical lines. 

90 Ball Bingo Games 

90 ball bingo has made a name for itself as one of the most popular online bingo games in the UK. The layout is different to 75 ball bingo and it’s fast become the most popular form of bingo games in the world. What’s unique to 90 ball bingo games is that for each round there are up to three different winners. 
To win with 90 ball bingo games, get a one line bingo, a two line bingo, and a full house bingo. One line winners will have all of the numbers covered on any single row on any ticket. With two line bingo it’ll be all numbers covered on two of the three rows on any ticket. Whereas with a full house, as you may have guessed all numbers need to be covered on all three rows on any ticket. 

80 Ball Bingo Games 

Although it’s not as widely popular as the 75 and 90 ball bingo games, 80 ball bingo has carved itself out as a cult classic in its niche. With online bingo at least, it’s the ideal choice for bingo online players looking for a little twist on their regular bingo games. 80 ball bingo is the one for anyone who feels 90 ball bingo is too slow, or that 75 ball bingo games is too traditional. To win with 80 ball bingo, it’s similar to 75 ball bingo. 
At least in the sense of how there are multiple winning patterns used in most 80 ball bingo games - depending on how your online casino wants to structure the round. Players can win diagonally, horizontally and vertically, or completing the four numbers of the four corners of your card. Or, of course, a full house. These variations offer a great amount of bingo games to play, and why wait? Head to your online casino and find your favourite today!

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