Monday, May 18, 2020

Mindfulness During Pregnancy and Early Motherhood

For some women becoming pregnant is as simple as trying once. For others, it can be very difficult to become pregnant and can take years, with specialist help. 

But, regardless of which approach you need to use, becoming pregnant is a great feeling and experience. To make the most of the experience and give your baby the best start in life you’ll need a good gynecologist Sydney and the ability to develop mindfulness during your pregnancy and early motherhood.

What Is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness refers to being in the moment and aware of what is going on around you right now. It’s a way of de-stressing as you focus solely on the here and now. Instead of concerning yourself with what could happen you simply enjoy what is.

It can be difficult to adopt an attitude of mindfulness. After all, we live in a society where instant gratification and stress are daily occurrences. The idea of simply accepting things as they are is not one that many people are accustomed to.

But, there is little doubt that the fast pace of modern life contributes to elevated stress levels. As stress is a key factor in many age-related diseases this is something you want to focus on reducing.

Mindfulness is a great way of reducing your stress levels, that’s good for your health and your baby’s.

You should also note that mindfulness will help you to be in touch with your own body. This means you’ll be more aware of aches and pains and be able to take the right steps to deal with any issues before they become serious. 

Boosts Positivity

Stress and other factors in your daily life can make it hard to be positive about the future and the world that you’re bringing a baby into. This is normal.

 But, developing mindfulness will help you to appreciate the good things and this will improve your positive outlook on life. These feelings of contentment will also benefit your baby, helping them to be calm when they are born and during life. The things you do during pregnancy and early motherhood really do affect the development of your child. 

How To Develop Mindfulness

The main step in developing mindfulness is to find time for yourself. Ideally, you should schedule this in to ensure you always have time for yourself.

The idea is to find a quiet place and get yourself into a comfortable position. It can be standing, sitting, or lying down, the position doesn’t matter as long as it’s comfortable. You then focus on one thought and nothing else.

It will release your stress and help you to realize how unimportant so many things actually are in life. 

Premature Birth

Early studies have suggested that mindfulness can reduce the likelihood of premature birth. It’s believed that this is connected with stress levels. Stressed babes are more eager to get out of the womb and are more likely to experience complications in the birthing process.

This is simply a relaxation issue. Being mindful allows you to relax and your baby, ensuring the smoothest possible delivery when they eventually decide to come out.

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