Sunday, March 1, 2020

The Guide to Careers after Homeschooling

Homeschooling is one of the best alternatives to teaching your children outside of the traditional school system. However, something that is always a worry for kids in the school system and outside of it, is what are the opportunities for them after this amazing experience? This article tries to answer some of those queries;

Are Career Paths Different For Homeschooled Kids?

A short answer would be no, but this is entirely dependant on what your children decide they want to do. Just like schoolkids, there will come a time when they become more aware of what they want to do, and in order to open up that pathway for them, you must be prepared to take action and help them attain what is needed to move up into that career path. Whether it be college or full-time work.

What Careers are Out There?

Far too many to list in this one article! Careers are entirely dependent upon the individual, no matter their schooling background. But, you can open that line of conversation to them when you feel it is time. It’s important to gain an understanding of where they want to go, and what career they want to start with. Ask them questions and try and understand their decisions. For example, do you want to further your healthcare career, or where do you see yourself in five years’ time. They are tough questions, but their primary goal is to open up the dialogue between you and your child, to gain a mutual understanding of where they want to go, then adapting your program to help them achieve what they need to go forward. No career is off-limits or unattainable if you are homeschooled.

How Do You Prepare?

There are many different ways to can prepare. Altering your homeschooling methods, talking to others who homeschool children who have the same aspirations as your child does. There is no set or proven method to prepare, it’s completely based on the individual. But one this is certain, and that is you need to listen and understand exactly what your child wants. There are some things that you need to teach them regardless of what career path they decide they want to go down, with Maths and English needed in order to pass their exams and abide by schooling regulations, but the beauty of homeschooling is that the ball is in your court. You can adapt anything from the routine to the way to practice the materials you are teaching them. You can refine your teaching methods, to exactly what works and what has proven to work. Your children are fully capable of going into whatever career they decide, they just need the tools and the drive to get there.

Hopefully, this little article has helped a little with some of your career queries when it comes to life after homeschooling, but always keep in mind that these are general points, and it is always down to individual preference with what works, and what doesn’t!

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