Thursday, February 20, 2020

Four outdoor games for people of all ages and played different parts of the world

One great aspect of games and sports is playing outside inspires us to leave the sofa, engage in different physical activities, and burn calories. The result of burning extra calories is reducing the likelihood of obesity. Since obesity is a good reason for many diseases like type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, depression, and many more.So, it turns out that going outside and playing games is now no longer someone’s will but mandatory. Below are 4 great outside game of different locations. 

The dragon trail ( China)

Dragons are important legendary creatures in Chinese culture. They represent good luck, strength and, a bright future. This traditional Chinese game is great fun at a playground. The game requires no playing material but the participation of a large group of children at least 10. The more players the more fun. Children age 4 years or older can participate in the game.

All children stand and form a line like a train by placing one’s hands on the shoulders to the next child. This line is the dragon. The first child in the line is the dragon head and the last child is the dragon’s tail. After forming the dragon, the head must try to catch the tail.

But it is challenging since all the players in the middle do their best to block the dragon's head. It is difficult for another reason is that while the head tries to catch the tail, all the players need to make sure that the body is connected. If the line breaks then the game stops and the dragon must reform. When the head gets success with catching the tail, the head is out and the tail takes its position. The game ends when there are only two players remaining.

Cheetahs and Cheetals

This game comes from India. It has some background history. The story is as such-The cheetah is a spotted cat and a cheetal is a spotted deer. Hundreds of years ago, the Indian princesses trained cheetahs to catch cheetals. Now the time has changed. In this modified the new version of the game, either Cheetahs or Cheetals can turn into predators. It means cheetals have the opportunity too to become predators.

In this game too, no sports gear or material is needed. Something to mark lines ie. Pylons are enough. Mark out three parallel lines which are separating from each other by 20 feet apart. Divide the group into two teams. One team represents cheetah, and the other is cheetal. Get the two teams to stand back to back.

At the start of the game select a leader. The leader will start the game by calling loudly the word cheetahs or cheetals. If the word is ‘cheetahs’, the cheetahs run and the cheetals chase them and try to tag them.

If the word is cheetal, the cheetals will run and cheetahs chase them to tag them. If someone has tagged either cheetah or Cheetal, he is out of the game. The game ends when a whole team has been caught.

Figure skates

Figure skating is a great game for young people. The game is played by ice skaters, singly or in pairs. The sport involves performing freestyle movements of jumps, spins, lifts, and footwork in a spectacular manner. There are various types of figure skating, including freestyle, pairs, ice dance, and synchronized team skating. Figure skating is one of the popular events of the winter Olympics. The performance of figure skaters on the skating rink depends on their intense practice, physical fitness and a great pair of figure skates.

Dancing warriors

This is a game of native Americans. This game has many variations around the world. The game is great for learning rhythm and requires no electricity and a parent's presence. The number of participants in this game could be 4 or more.

The game’s procedure is quite simple. One player is a drummer who beats the drum and other players start to dance with the beat of the drum. The drummer first beats the drum in a slow rhythm and then increases the beat gradually. When the drummer stops, all dancers must freeze even if they are in an awkward position. Any dancer that moves, is out. The game also stops if the dancing becomes too disorderly.


Besides fun and fitness, games are a great way to interact with other people and develop social relations. We cannot think about life without watching a sport or playing a game.

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