Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Engagement Ring Buying Guide

Most rings tend to be extremely special pieces of jewelry. They tend to hold a wealth of symbolisation and are typically associated with feelings of love and adoration. Nonetheless, before you purchase one it is important to know about their construction and the different elements that make up a ring. After all, it is always recommended to have thorough knowledge regarding a product before you commit to purchasing it. 

Most precious rings tend to be laced with stunning diamonds. When it comes to diamonds the main thing you need to know about is the four C’s. These are used in the GIA certification grading system which is used by all top jewellers around the world. It is always important to buy a ring with GIA certification, especially when purchasing from eBay. This is an important step to remove counterfeits from eBay. It measures a diamond based on cut, clarity, colour, and carat weight. This is how you will be able to determine whether a diamond is of quality or not. Carat weight and colour are pretty self-explanatory. When it comes to the latter, the more colourless the diamond is the more desirable it tends to be. With regards to carat weight, the more the diamond weighs the better it is generally considered to be. Cut relates to the way in which the diamond has been cut in terms of proportion – not shape. If a diamond has been cut too shallow or deep the light is going to spill out and you aren’t going to get a beautiful sparkle. And finally, clarity relates to the level of blemishes witnessed on the diamond. No diamond is perfect but you don’t want imperfections to be evident to the naked eye. 

It is quite clear to see why GIA certification is needed when purchasing a wedding ring or any other type of special ring. You should also consider the setting of the ring. A prong setting is typically the most popular. This is when the metal looks like a claw that is holding the stone in place. You can also get a shared prong setting as well. Channel settings are becoming more and more popular in the modern day. This is when the diamond or gemstone is secured between vertical metal walls. There is then the bar channel setting which is a more secure version. Pave settings are used when creating an elegant appearance whilst on the other hand bezel settings can be effective when making the stone appear bigger than it actually is. 
The last element that makes up a ring is of course the metal. You can choose between all of the following; yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, platinum, palladium, tungsten carbide, sterling silver or stainless steel. Most individuals tend to go for yellow gold or platinum. Nevertheless, white gold works as a brilliant alternative to platinum for those who are seeking something cheaper. 

In order to get the perfect combination between a diamond, a metal and a setting you are happy with you should actually consider going down the custom made route. This is how you will ensure you end up with a ring you are one hundred per cent happy with. Furthermore, you will be the only person in the world to have it.

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