Saturday, December 28, 2019

How To Finally Stick to Your New Years Resolutions in 2020

Following the indulgence of the holidays and with the thoughts of a New Year coming, it’s natural to start thinking about New Year’s Resolutions, and about the changes, you’ll want to make within the next year. 

The time following the holidays is the perfect time to indulge in retrospection and reevaluation of certain lifestyle choices (chocolate for breakfast may not be appropriate after January 1st!)
While making specific changes in your life can be done at any point in the year, month, week, day, or even hour, the New Year is the perfect time to finally start to make those changes that you promised over and over again to make.

If you’re struggling to think of where to focus your attention for the next year, this list should give you a few tips for how to finally stick to your New Years Resolutions in 2020. 

Make a Plan 

You ever hear that phrase ‘fail to prepare,  prepare to fail’? This is often something that is associated with taking tests or planning an event- but how often do we apply this to making radical changes in our lives?

Setting goals or resolutions often requires careful thought and preparation. Want to quit smoking? Plan when you’re going to smoke your last cigarette. Think about what methods of withdrawing from cigarettes you will use. Will you use e-cigarettes as a transition tool? Before your quit date, go and buy all of the things you’ll need- such as the vape tank, tank coils and e-liquids (in various flavors) so you are prepared for when the date comes.

Want to eat healthier? Get some meal plans in place and buy all of the cupboard staples you’ll need to prepare the meals. 

With a plan in place, you will have to be flexible at times, but having the timeline in place helps to keep track of progress when it comes to making life changes. 

Track your Progress 

No matter what you resolve to do, make sure to find your own way of tracking progress. When you’re making a change in your life, tracking your progress is a great way of improving your motivation. 

Whether it is keeping rocks in a jar for every pound of weight loss, or a tally chart kept showing each day without drinking, or pictures of growth. Having a visual reminder of what you have accomplished will keep the motivation going. 

When reaching certain milestones, celebrate them with nice treats not related to the thing you’re trying to quit- for example, if your plan is to lose weight- your treat for losing a certain amount of weight should not be edible. A specific amount of days without smoking should not be celebrated with a cigarette. 

Be Proud 

It takes around 3 weeks to break a habit, but the truth is that it can take a lot longer to tackle a lifestyle change. When you finally crack it, be proud of yourself. Don’t compare your progress to others’- yours is the only journey that matters! 

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