Monday, October 6, 2014

Practicing What I Preach: Writing for Regional Parenting Magazines!

Here is a link to Pittsburgh Parent Magazine and TWO articles I have in there this month (Halloween Traditions and Pumpkin Decorating)! Guess how much I got for both of these reprints? $75! Yes, for something I wrote a year ago and have been selling ever since, I got a decent amount of money and it is going to help pay something off this month faster than we planned!

If you want to do the same or know someone who needs to make extra money from home or needs it to make ends meet and is a decent writer, please point them toward my resource that I wrote in 2009 and have been updating ever since called Make Money to Write About Your Kids. It's available on in print and ebook version! Buy the print edition and get the ebook for free! And check me out over at The Published Parent!


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