Monday, November 11, 2019

Tips to Create the Ultimate Garage Man Cave

Many men need a space to call their own. Enter the man cave. But where do you put it? With a few key tips, you can turn your garage space into the man cave you’ve been dreaming about.


Who wants to look at that cracked and stained concrete floor? Fear not. Garage floor epoxy can easily and affordably transform the garage floor to handle whatever you throw at it. Whether you want to work on your next woodworking project or have a beer while watching the game, epoxy provides a beautiful covering that can handle your mess. Drop a tool or spill some grease without worrying about damaging the floor. Even if you do mess up one spot, you can easily patch it good as new. You can pick from a variety of colors to suit your style.


Organize your space for your tools and other items. Put in some cabinets, over-the-head storage, pegboards, workbench or shelves. Customize the space to have the organization you need for whatever project you want to work on. A rolling cart is handy for working on vehicles. Pegboards offer easy access to key tools you use regularly. Good organization makes working in the garage fast and efficient. Plus, when your spouse comes through the door, they have minimal to complain about.


Place your favorite companies, logos and sayings around the room. Outfit the space with a couple of recliners or a couch to enjoy a game or movie. Have some folding chairs available for when the guys come over and you need extra seating. Match the floor color to that of the cabinets and wall or purposefully mismatch it. Add a neon beer sign in one corner or that mounted deer head your spouse won’t let you have in the bedroom. Whatever décor you want up, the garage has plenty of wall space to mount it. Avoid putting anything beyond stickers on the door to keep the garage door properly functioning.


A true man cave needs a space for your drinks. Incorporate a mini or full-standing fridge into the garage. There’s plenty of space and you have your beer, water and snacks right on hand. You never even have to enter the house to keep the party going. Set up a big-screen TV in one corner to watch the big game. You keep the noise in the garage without interrupting the family inside. Those later games are no problem any more now that you have a place to watch them.


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