Monday, November 11, 2019

Easy Ways to Get Your Kids Moving

When you were a kid, one of your parent’s chief worries might have been your safety when you were out playing with your friends. You might have spent hours exploring your local area, kicking a ball around in the park, or running around the community. All in the days before mobile phones, when your parents had no way to reach you, or you them. Little did you know at the time, but your parents were sitting at home, likely checking the time, wondering where you were, what you were doing, and who you were with. 

Today, one of our main concerns is quite the opposite. Most of us are worried about how much time our children are spending online, in their rooms, on their own. We’re afraid that our children aren’t getting enough exercise, that they aren’t building social connections and skills, and that they don’t get enough fresh air. 

It’s thought that 75% of teens have their own smartphone, 91% regularly go online and that even children as young as two and three are spending time playing games on tablets and other devices, and watching videos on YouTube. As a parent, it can seem so hard to get them interested in exercise and activity, when the pull of the internet is so great. Here are some of the easiest ways to get your kids moving more, which can have enormous benefits for their physical and mental health. 

Make it Fun

Some kids are motivated by competition. They love entering events, improving, and facing their peers. Others aren’t. If your kids have no interest in competitive sports, but you still think that sport is essential, try to make it fun instead. Look at cool sportswear from Cisco Athletic, let them try new things, and try not to put any pressure on them. 

Move with Them

If you want your kids to move more, you need to start moving with them. Find fun things that you can do as a family. For very young kids, this might just be playing in the playground and going for walks in the park. If your children are older, you could try new sports and activities together, go for bike rides and hikes, and head to the swimming pool.

Set Screen Time Limits

Screens aren’t the enemy. In fact, there are many benefits to your children having access to technology. But, as with everything else, moderation is important. Set family screen time limits, and everyone will move more. 

Invite Their Friends

Older kids might not want to do as much with their parents, so tell them to invite a friend to the pool or on a bike ride. You might have to be their taxi driver, but at least they’ll be more willing to exercise. 

Never Say No

We’re often just as guilty of sitting playing on our phones instead of exercising. If you say no when your kids ask to go to the park or swimming, because you’ve got too much to do, stop. Stop saying no. If they want to exercise, give them everything that they need to do it. 

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